How to Attain and Measure Success

Thursday, May 12, 2016



How do you define success?


How do you measure your level of success?
How do you become successful? 
These are never-ending questions that you have asked yourself at some point. 

Success, just like happiness, is defined depending on the extent of a person’s perspective. Try Googling success and it will be defined as “ the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose, the attainment of popularity or profit.” So, really, success is determined based on your own perspective. Some may see you as successful but you don’t feel like it, mainly because your perception of success is different from one another.

Perspectives may differ, but there must be something that we could all base to attain and gauge our success in general. Life Coach Brian Tracy, in one of his audio lectures or seminars called The Psychology of Success, talks about the true meaning of success and how to go about in achieving it. Based on that lecture, I have formulated six questions that would help you gauge or determine your level of success. Hopefully, it also helps you become more successful.

1.       Do you have peace of mind?
Religion, metaphysical philosophies and psychology works are aimed at showing people how to have peace of mind. What is it like having a peace of mind really? It simply is having freedom these three things: fear, anger and guilt. It also means going to bed at night feeling at peace and in harmony with yourself and then waking up the next morning having the same feeling of peace.

2.       Do you have a high level of health and energy?
If you do not have the energy to enjoy your life , it won’t give you much satisfaction out of it, right? So the sooner you can achieve any kind of peace of mind, you almost immediately achieve higher levels of physical energy and health.

3.       Do you have loving relationships?
Having a loving relationship is entering into a long-term intimate mature relationship with other people and maintaining it. It is the trademark of a self-actualizing fully performing personality. When we achieve a certain level of peace of mind, health and energy, our thoughts are immediately tuned in to having healthy relationships with other people.

4.       Are you financially free?
What is financial freedom?  It simply means to have enough money so you won’t have to worry about not having enough money. This is exactly the opposite of living from paycheck to paycheck. It means you never have to worry about where you might get the money you need every day.

5.       How committed are you to your goals and ideals?
Goals are important. When you have clear goals that you set to commit to and have worthy ideals that you believe in, then, only then would you be capable of doing your best.

6.       Do you have a feeling of Personal Fulfillment? Personal fulfillment is to feel that you are becoming everything that you are capable of becoming as a person.

Success is measured in relation to your ability to enjoy these six things. So whether you have lots of luxury cars, live in a mansion and dine in fine restaurants, but then you do not enjoy any of the six things written above, then you could still be the most unsuccessful person. Success, put simply, is just being happy and contented in these aspects of your life.

But then why are there so few people that can be described as successful, if it is easy as following the guidelines above?  In fact, more than 95% of the population does not achieve real lasting success in their lives. At least 80% of people that are retiring ends up flat broke and depends on others for survival, only a mere 5% or less achieves financial independence in their lifetime. So what gives?

There are many reasons for this, one reason could be because we human beings were born as the most complex creation, yet we were never given an instruction manual on how to best lead our lives. An orientation to be successful is not inborn. And so we spend most of our lives trying to figure out what to do to get the best from ourselves. 

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