Day 5: Calling In for My Kind of Man

Sunday, January 15, 2023

 This post was originally published in my other blog A Day in the Life of Anne on August 25, 2013.

Deepak Chopra said in one of his videos,” manifest your soulmate, you have to know what qualities you want for your soul mate. Become those qualities and the soul mate will follow…” something to that effect. It is really like being the person you want to attract.


I still believe in this.


Your thoughts should be on the qualities you want not a certain person when you manifest your soul mate. Might as well be ready with your incantations or magic spell if you want to summon a certain person. That would be interfering with free will, and love does not work that way.



Photos: howcast How to Cast a Spell


Casting a spell on your man is the most desperate thing you can do to get your man. It may work but it will always backfire. Would not it be unfair for you if you know that your man is only sticking with you because you put a spell on him.


Since this is my dream man, I am allowed to  a bit of indulgence. So, allow me, I need to make another list. I can dream, can I?


This is my dream man, and if I have to listen to Deepak Chopra of becoming the qualities that I want in a man, beside every quality is my progress on working that particular quality.


My dream man:


a. should be have a nice singing voice. I love to sing, so finding someone who can sing well too would be heaven. We will make sweet music together. Or Karaoke nights! Lol! I want him to sing like this. (This won’t be a problem for me, as I can carry a tune.)


b. must be tall. I’m not putting down my race or what, but being born to a country whose average height for men is somewhere between 5ft6in to 5ft8in, I would definitely want to be with a man who would stand taller than the rest.  I’ve always loved tall men, in fact my exes and crushes were tall, but i ended up having  long relationships with the averaged  guy. Don’t know why it happened. ( I may need to drink growth balls)


c. must be fit or athletic. It doesn’t matter if the only sport he know is chess, as long as he keeps himself fit. I am not athletic too, but I have so much energy. How can he keep up with me if he isn’t fit, right? (I started running, next week I start a gym workout plan)


d. must be experienced in the romance department.And you know what else… (I have no problem in this area??)


e.must whip up a mean meal like Jamie Oliver. I love eating, my true passion. What would be more blissful than having breakfast in bed with your personal chef  for dessert.  (I cook, sometimes)

f. must love children, even not his own, most especially mine. (I’ve got my own)


g. has the usual qualities, responsible,generous, thoughtful, and financially stable. ( I’m working on this.)


So there, I can dream, can’t I?




Kinda look like him? 

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