Day 3: In Tune With My Feminine Self

Friday, January 13, 2023


Many relationship coaches and self-help tips talks about how women can really be more attractive to men is to be more feminine. This is one thing that we, single mothers and even some very successful women sometimes tend to forget. Being feminine.


I tried an experiment today to see if every little thing that I learned from all those ‘how to be more attractive to men’ or “how to attract men”  tips are really true. So today, the club I am involved in held its monthly meeting. Most of the members of this club are men. That is why today is a good day to test this theory or fact that most experts claim to attract men.


I wore something different than I normally wear during meetings.  But, I did not wear a skirt or a dress as it would be too obvious that I am trying to attract something. I wore a high-heeled open-toe shoe with jeggings.  I guess the shoe helped a lot to accentuate my feminine body features.


Wearing heels can limit my activity, so it means that i will be needing help from anyone as opposed to wearing comfy shoes, which makes me a super woman who can do just about anything.


The first thing I noticed was that the men were friendlier than usual. They smiled a lot when they talk to me.  Normally, they are like this all the time when they talk to me, because I have something important to them, their funds. But today, they were extra friendly with wider smiles.


One said smiling mischievously, “Hey, for quite some time, I forgot that you were a woman.” I replied,” Yeah, me too.” That send everyone laughing.


So yes, it really is true. Men are more attracted to “femininity”.


Being a single mom, I have to be more in tune with my “masculinity” to be tough, and firm.  I’ve earned for a living ever since I was 16, and I guess, being in a very competitive environment, I avoided being perceived as a weakling, or else, people would get at me, abuse me and step on me.  And that is why, I have mastered to lessen my being feminine and be more masculine.




One thing I’ve learned though is that being feminine is not a sign of weakness. Yes, it attracts men, not because they think that being feminine is the weaker sex that they can manipulate, abuse or use. I realized this now. Men are attracted to the femininity just because it shows how we are different from them. They like that we are soft on the inside, fragile and special. Men have that natural instinct of being protective and they want to be needed. In short, men are attracted more to women who needs them.


So, go on. Be your feminine self. Learn how to switch from being masculine to feminine depending on what the situation calls for. It won’t hurt to show a bit of vulnerability sometimes. In fact, it can be attractive. You just might enjoy the change. I know I did.





This post was originally published on August 3, 2013 in A Day in the Life of Anne blog.


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