Day 1: Tapping Into My Past Hurts and Beliefs

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

 This is Day 1 of my Personal Development and Attracting Love Challenge. I wanted to this challenge not solely for manifesting lasting love but also to improve myself to be able to create more love and create harmony with the people I interact with. Join me in this journey and I know you will be able to get some points and tips that you can also use on yourself.


So, now I’m on my third day listening to the Art of Love Series Online which I am by the way enjoying. Initially, I joined the week-long webinar mostly for my personal development. But as I listened to the different webinars, I realized that there is so much wisdom to it that ought to be shared with other people who may be in the same situation as I am.


One of the more interesting topics was Preparing Your Heart to Love Again: How to Use EFT to Overcome Emotional Blocks and Release Past Hurts  by Carol Look, an EFT Master for 17 years and a featured Energy Therapist in the same field. EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique is a technique designed to help people optimize emotional health by tapping into the same energy meridians used by Chinese acupuncture.  In short, it is literally tapping into the same pressure points used in acupuncture, at the same time with words of reaffirmation chanted, but without the needles of course. This got me interested so I joined in the webinar and followed the step by step procedure as instructed by Carol Look.


What happened was really emotional and emotionally stressful because you will be forced to say out loud your fears, or whatever target it is you want changed, either a negative feeling or a belief. Different targets will have to be addressed differently. I had two different issues: I am afraid of getting hurt again in the future because of what happened in my past; and I am afraid I am never going to find lasting love and of being alone.


We were asked to tap into 8 points in our face and body: the karate chop, eyebrow, outside of the eyes, under the eyes, upper lip, chin, collarbone , wrist and top of the head. Each time we tap into one of these points, we were told to follow some affirmations and words of acceptance for this fear and how it is okay to have this kind of fear. In my experience, it was like you are acknowledging that part of you that is hurt because of these unacknowledged feelings or emotions. It was emotional and when something you said that brought tears to your eyes, you know you hit the true target of what you’re trying to change.


Afterwards, we were asked to evaluate on a scale of 1-10 how the same hurt or feeling still feels for you, or how it still reacts for you in your body. And then you repeat the procedure until you feel that these feelings or beliefs have changed how it affects you.


The experience was like lifting a big veil that was covering my eyes from seeing and feeling what was supposed to be the reality, instead of what I thought was real for me.  I really learned a lot about myself from this experience.


And so I can tell you firsthand that this exercise or technique really worked. Today, just hours after participating the exercise via webinar, I noticed sudden changes in how I carried myself and how I think about myself. I had the urge to change my look. It may sound superficial, but somebody won’t notice your personality at a glance. What will get you noticed is how you look. That is why, I realized that if I really want to go on this journey, the first and most important thing I need to do is change the way I look and my outlook in life.


You know what I did? I chopped my hair off! I went to the salon I’ve been wanting to visit and had my hair chopped off and added some color to it. See photos below and you can tell which is more desirable and shows character.




If you want to know more about EFT or have a glimpse of how the procedure is done, here is a link to one of Carol Look’s sessions.


Hope you will try it for yourself. You can tap your way not only in finding love, but also for abundance.


This was originally published on July 13, 2013 in A Day in the Life of Anne blog. Photos have been replaced as the original photos have been corrupted.



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