Birthday Ritual

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

It's my 44th birthday! This year, I didn't have anything special planned, maybe I would like to be spontaneous for once. And since it's my birthday, I want to take a day of not really caring so much about other people, but myself. Allow me to indulge in self-love and self-care today.

I used to have birthday rituals but I don't exactly know when I have stopped doing it. Maybe because I thought it was not really working for me. Or maybe because I was doing it the wrong way. This time, I want to create a new set of birthday rituals that I would be doing each time my birthday comes.

Self-love is always going to be a priority even when it's not my birthday, but more importantly during my birthday. So you will notice that most of what is in my ritual would be focused only on me. This is in no way going to be a selfish one, but I just believe that if I don't take care and love myself more than anyone can love me, then I cannot give love to others. As they say, you can't give what you don't have.

So anyway, as I want to be spontaneous today, so will this blog post be. I want to write as I think about it because I feel that my feelings are more authentic when I write spontaneously and what you read is the real me.

Morning meditation. I do this everyday, but today's going to be a special meditation because I want to listen to Deepak Chopra's abundance meditation. I also did some abundance prayer, there's one that I found on the internet and its really awesome, but most of all, it resonates with my intentions.

Gratitude journal. I also do this everyday, but if there's a day that you would want to write down your blessings, it would be on your birthday. Go the extra mile.I usually write 10 things I am thankful about on a daily basis, but on this particular day, I want to write 20.

Luxurious bath. I love luxurious baths. I have a special body wash that a friend gave me and that I only use on special occasions or when I feel a little perk me up. So, I'm gonna use that wash and add some rose petals, Himalayan salt and some herbs in my bath and do some grounding and sending positive energies to my bath.

Eat cake. If there's one thing that I want to be on the dining table during my birthday would be a birthday cake. I charged the birthday cake with my intentions for the coming years. I don't really blow out candles on my cake on my birthdays. I would just buy a cake. But this time, I will actually send out intentions as I blow out the candles on my cake.

Drink wine. I feel luxurious and feel good when I drink wine. I guess because I feel a bit of sophistication when I do drink wine with cheese slices.

I know, I know, these may be superficial to some, but for me, this is how I feel good and how I feel my value.

What rituals do you do to celebrate your birthday?

Mary Anne

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