This is probably the most important question in the whole universe, according to Mabel Katz , Ho’oponopono Teacher. It might be a simple question, it has a simple answer, but many find it rather difficult to answer.  

Lately, I have encountered the phrase “Who Am I?” and I didn’t give it a lot of thought. In another instance , I was shocked to hear from someone the words, “Who are you?”
While it was said in the midst of an argument, I was shocked not because by the person who said it to me, but because I could not even find the answer to that. The same with Who Am I, I find it quite challenging to answer.

Yes it is the most important question in the universe because everything starts from there. Your happiness, passion, relationships, your whole life depends on how well you can answer that question, how well you know yourself.

Is the identity you have of yourself really attunes with who you really are deep inside? Or is it the identity you want the world to know. I can totally understand why some people would resort to changing their sense of identity, not just their names, but their whole persona.

The world can be very judgmental. I had my fair share of judgements without even trying to get to know people on a deeper level.  And it is pure arrogance to say that you know. You only know what you know and that is based only from your own understanding.

In the practice of Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian practice which is accepting responsibility for what is happening to you and cleaning the memories stored in our minds, knowing who you are is getting into your core, your perfectness. You are perfect. That is who you are at the core. Whatever you need is already inside you.

“Who are you “ is one of the most powerful words that you can use to live a peaceful life. Because when you know who you truly are, you won’t tolerate bullying. You won’t believe what other people think of you. In fact, you should not care to what society thinks of you.

What should matter most is  you having the power to change your life because you know what you want and what you do not want. You know who you really are.



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