How I Made Friends With Depression

Monday, November 26, 2018

Battling depression looks different for everyone, but here's how I learned to better cope with mine.

(This article was first published in Thrive Global)

Depression, for a fact, has become an epidemic in today’s world. Adding more to this is the constant craving for attention and validation we get from social media. The pressure is on to gain acceptance from society. If you are not on social media, you are probably not living, so they say.

It’s ironic because as an online professional, I always believe and let my clients believe that, if your business doesn’t have a social media or an online presence, then you don’t have a business.
More and more people are getting depressed because of the high expectations they set for themselves in accordance with how society wants them to be. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression in 2011. Since then I have always used the word “battling with depression.” I would use it in the blogs that I wrote and in the conversations I had with people.

At that time, for me to be able to function as normally as I could, and just forget being depressed, was to take anti-depressants as prescribed by doctors. And as a patient who wanted to get better, I took it without knowing the side effects.

I recently watched a Ted talk How To Stay Calm When You Know You’ll be Stressed by Daniel Levitin, where he mentioned about how we don’t really bother to know the side effects for every medication that we’re given. He said that for every 300 people taking a certain drug, there would only 1 that would be cured.  And out of that 300 people, 15 of them would be suffering the side effects. This became quite controversial when a lot of medical practitioners disagreed with it. Accurate or not, we need to be more aware of the side effects of every medication we take.

And because of this, not fully understanding the side effects of antidepressants and becoming pregnant in a time that wasn’t so convenient, I had no choice but to abruptly stop the medication which led me to have suicidal thoughts and one instance triggered me to commit suicide.  Of course, it wasn’t successful because here I am now, still standing.

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