Chapter 3- The Reinvention Process

Thursday, June 15, 2017

As my tagline says, this is my journey. Now I formally start Chapter 3 of my journey towards love, happiness and success. I also want to make a few changes about the things that I post here, of course, the personal things that happens to me will still be present, but most of all, it would be about the process I am undergoing to reinvent my life.

I have blogged a lot of times about reinvention, because as I always say about myself, I am a self-proclaimed Queen of Reinvention. Yes, that is a title I give myself shamelessly because it's true. I have reinvented myself more than I can even remember. And I think that it is a must after making an assessment of yourself.

Doing a self-assessment is what I strive to do regularly. This post would also serve as my witness to the improvements I have made to my life since last year, when I quit my 9-5.

Quitting my 9-5 was the best thing I did so far, except for the fact that I do miss my former office mates, but then , you have ways to communicate with them. The best thing about the latest technology in communication is giving us opportunities to connect with people who matters to us.

I quit my 9-5 in April 2016 and in June last year, I was still jobless (except for the regular VA work I do for Lucas). I needed to find an another online job to make up for the income loss that I made when I quit the corporate world. Now if you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know that challenges I faced during my separation, my court battles for custody and surviving Haiyan. As a single mom, I need at least 2 jobs to be able to live comfortably.

It was only in August that I got hired by a millenial coach, something that I am so grateful of, because I do not only earn a weekly pay, but I get to learn a lot from her. I would be crazy not to take the courses she offer when I can access it for free.

So what progress have I made in my life since last year?

1. I was able to start my own Virtual Assistant training/resource center which I called The Virtual Assistant Hub. It's aim is to equip aspiring VA's with the tools and resources they need for a successful VA career.  The Virtual Assistant Hub can be found here.

This started when I joined Marie Forleo's scholarship contest which pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. I conquered my fear of creating videos. I uploaded my videos to my page and I was surprised at the overwhelming response which prompted me to create more content for The Virtual Assistant Hub, which also frightened me at the same time. I partnered with my former boss/colleague who was an English Instructor, so that we can help people who needed coaching for their English communication skills have access to an English instructor for free.

2. I completed and received my Life Coach Practitioner Certificate from the American Institute of NLP ( under the tutelage of Dr. Steve G. Jones. I am now a Certified Life Coach Practitioner. I have not really thought about what or how I want to help others, but I am brainstorming.

3. Got my 3rd boss/client based in Australia. What's special about this is that we found each other in a group for online entrepreneurs. She needs help with her start up business and hired me on a per hour basis.

4. I have a new laptop courtesy of L.A, who I've been working with since 2012. He is my very first boss/colleague and the laptop is a bonus from him.

5. I am looking forward to the Business Writing for Non-native Speakers course that Courtney is about to enroll me in.

6. I have reconnected with an old flame and well, things are looking good. We might have not met in person since the last time we saw and talk to each other (the break-up) almost 20 years ago, but we have mended whatever it was that we needed to mend and talk about. Talk about moving on and letting go? More of talk about getting re-acquainted and re-igniting the flames of love...that's something that has yet to be seen.

7. I was finally able to set aside my differences with the father of my children and finally allowed them to an overnight sleep with their dad and new family. This is a very big achievement and progress for me. I also have forgiven his family for the sake of truly moving on with my life and having the love from a man I sooo deserve.

So far, those are the momentous progress that I have made in my life since last year. A new chapter in my life is unfolding and so I would also like to continue to document and share the process I am taking in reinventing myself this time.

Life is short, live it to the fullest. Live as if today is your last. Love like you've never loved before.


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