Love and Free Will

Saturday, March 4, 2017

This is one of those times that I need to write down what I feel.

I know I am a good writer, if only I could write a damn good love story for myself, wouldn't that be awesome! But no matter how good a writer we are, there is somebody else who has our best interest at heart.


He is the master story maker. You might ask, if God is the master story maker of our life, then why does He allow us to make mistakes in choosing the right partner for ourselves?

Why doesn't He impose the person that is meant for us? That would have saved us from a lot of hurts.

Because we have free will.

We are given the option to follow which course of life we want to, and to fall in love with the person we want to fall in love with. And that sometimes can be tricky, because we do not know how it might end up to be. We don't know how we would be treated by the person we offered our love to.

You make a choice to gamble on love.

I have always been a very loving person. I do not know of a time when I scrimped on love. I always said that I have so much love to give, but some people can just be soo unreceptive to love.
Maybe they have been hurt so bad in the past and they are just so good at rejecting love that it has become a habit.

You can't impose love on a person. You can't force someone to love you. Because once you do that, it becomes all consuming and that leads to obsession.

But nevertheless,  don't let a rejection consume you. It is actually a good sign looking at it from a different perspective.

We have an awesome love life in God's blueprint. All we have to do is trust and wait.

Today, make the decision to love yourself more. Do not tolerate disrespect and to become an option.

You are not just an option.  Never was. Never will be.

You are that choice that he needs to take.



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