[Year-End Reflection] What I Missed and What‘s in My List for the Coming Year

Saturday, December 31, 2016

I used to think those “Please be good to me  (insert month) ” posts are annoying. I'm sorry. I mean, I am short of asking why what did last month do to you? I find it crazy to blame the past month for whatever negative events are happening in their personal life, instead of acknowledging their shortcomings.  People tend to forget that what is happening to you right now, is a result of your past actions. Except of course for losses in the family. So please, any month would be bad for you as long as you do not do the corresponding positive actions to make it great.

But, I am starting to change my views on that recently. Trying to look at things from a different perspective, they might just have some reasons for it. I mean we know that 2016 wasn’t the best year for most of us, but it wasn’t the worst either.  We could only hope that 2017 will be good to us.My 2016 started quite slow and there was a moment where I was lost and drowning in negativity, but I was able to redeem myself later towards the end of the year.

Thank God!

There were a lot of terrible moments for 2016 in general, claiming many lives, many catastrophes, war, but we do not dwell on them because we want to start the year with more positive vibes. We learned from those mistakes and hope that it never happens again.

Today is my most favorite and least liked day of the year, simultaneously. (Yes, I can love and hate a particular day at the same time because I am kinda weird).  I love it that I get to sit down, write down my thoughts and reflect on my achievements, think about what went well, what did not and how to improve it and this gives me some kind of excitement to face the new year. I do not really write resolutions because I already know in my heart that only 10% of those will be done by me.

I know myself, the more resistance there is, the more I will want to do it.

Ironically, I also hate this day for the fact that this is a day of realization. This is also the time when I would realize how much of a procrastinator I have been and how much time I wasted not focusing on my goals. But, even though I hate the day, I still forgive myself for those unmet goals. I am only but human and I am not perfect. Or should I say, blame it on the “frailties of a woman” or “frailties of a human being” for that matter?

If you are someone like me and have so many unmet goals from your 2016 list, don’t be too hard on yourself. You can still do it next year! Just carry over that to your list for 2017.

So anyway, the only goal I regret not having met or achieved was to love someone, ( the eros kind of love), complete with all the goosies and the dreamy eye, staring into space kind of being in love. I guess it gets more challenging when you grow older. But, towards the end of the year, I got to be a step closer to being in love, again. 

Well, almost. If only,…oopss,  I can’t and will not elaborate.  But not closing any doors.

I am kind of disappointed, but you can never rush love.

So there. I am still waiting.

But in general, referring back to my New Year’s Playlist, there’s not really much that I wasn’t able to do. One of it that really bummed me was not being able to travel more.  This is more of a financial thing and the time commitment.

However, I was able to get my passport back from being “pawned” or  “taken into custody”  by someone and I have it now in my possession waiting for it to be renewed. So,  it is already an indication that I will be traveling more in 2017, starting January when I will be attending a friend’s wedding that will need me to fly.

Also, a trip to Bangkok is in the talks with another friend. So, it is going to be an exciting year!

So, here is my list of goals for the coming year.

1. Love me more. I do not want to feel guilty of doing things that I love to do for myself anymore. I think it is not selfish to want to pamper yourself every now and then, for you to feel good about yourself. As a single mom, I have always felt bad, guilty or regretful after doing things that I do for myself without my children. And I thought I was being selfish for even thinking that I wanted my hair done at an expensive salon and all that and so on.

I realized that I owe it to myself to love me more than anybody else can love me. After all, if I can’t love my own, how can I expect others to love me. 

Right?So this year, it’s going to be “Me” year, without the guilt.

2. Travel more. Since my passport will be renewed soon, and the Bangkok thing is in the works, which I am really hoping to push through, I am very optimistic about traveling more in 2017. January will find me in Tacloban for a friend’s wedding and if I am lucky, a trip to Kalanggaman Island is on the side!

 3. Fall in love. Yes! I think I have grown more mature over the last 5 years that I have been single. I know my friends and family have their hesitations of me falling in love with someone because it stresses them out! I mean, they know how crazy I can be,  and they know what I would do for love. But I have my #1 goal up there—to love myself more. It’s the reason why I make that No.1 on the list. The rest of my goals circles around that anyway.

Again, I still have my list of non-negotiables as a guide to sorting out the people who needs to stay a while and who needs to stay longer in my life, people who are worth taking chances for, and those who aren't.

When you have a clear list of what your soulmate is like, you can never go wrong, because your thoughts will lead that person to you.

4. Debt free. I am on track to being debt free by September 2017. This could extend until October, depending really on my income for next year. But the good thing is, I have already started to tick off overdue debts.

5. Improve our living conditions.  I want to move into a bigger and more beautiful house, but still near where my children go to school. And upgrade what's inside my house.

6. Be fit and eat healthily.This is something that I have long wanted to do. I could either enroll in a fitness program or just run. I will try to lessen my meat intake and eat more vegetable and influence my children to do the same. This will gauge the family’s health.

7. Write more. I want to write a best-selling book and publish it. It could either be an ebook or a physical book which I can sell on Amazon or Gumroad.

8. Start a new lucrative career. I am still deciding between becoming a coach or a consultant.  But I know I cannot do both, well, they say, because these two careers have opposite definition and designation. But I am more inclined to becoming a coach.

So there, these are 8 of my lists for 2017. I know there are still more that I have in my mind, but I chose this first 8 things because of their importance and significance.

So what about you? Have you made your list of goals or resolutions for 2017? Share it in the comments.

Cheers to the New Year!

Rooting for you all the way!



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