The Real Reason Why Your Dreams Die & What You Can Do To Avoid Them

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Have you ever wondered why, after making positive changes in specific areas of your life, that no matter how diligently you tried to follow up on it, you always end up back to where you started. It seems like there’s something trying to stop you or pull you away from achieving what it is that you really want in life.

I used to feel that way. 

Many times I’ve always find myself running around in circles trying to find out the very thing that would help me break the cycle, looking for the thing that would lead me to my breakthrough. All the while I thought that if the pull was so strong, then it wasn’t for me. It never occurred to me that there were things that I was doing, whether I was aware or unaware about it, that kept me from getting what I truly wanted. And it sucks because I never really thought that it could be possible. I was stuck with my belief that if something was meant for me, things would go smoothly. And if it wasn’t for me, there would be a mountain of challenges so I better stop than waste a lot of time in it.

I was so wrong!

Have you ever felt or experienced this too?

You created the dream, and you have been excited about it for some time now, and then suddenly a single thought came into your mind and then poof! You started to doubt yourself! You start to doubt your ability to make your dreams a reality and it starts creeping up In your mind, poisoning every positive idea you have about your dreams. The dreams that you were starting to build was slowly fading away, slowly vanishing into thin air.

And then you wondered what happened. Well, you got attacked by one of those dream killers. Dream killers are the nastiest things because you may not be aware of them, you may be even feeding them by giving in to your negative thoughts.

Dream killers extinguish our creativity. They kill our passion. These dream traps or dream killers would stop at nothing to bring us down and pull us away from the direction of our dream.

These dream killers are lurking around, stalking you, waiting for you to become mentally weak and then pounce on the dream that you are starting to build for yourself.

So what are these dream traps or dream killers?

Dream Killer #1

Keeping your focus on the things you DON’T WANT, instead of what you DO WANT for yourself.

I think this is the most common dream killer or dream trap that anyone can fall to. Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about what we do not want to happen. Remember the Law of Attraction? Like attracts like. Whatever it is that you focus on, spend your time thinking about, the Universe gives it to you.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are focusing on your fears, your doubts and your negative feelings. And whatever it is, it is bound to happen .

I know you have a very inspiring vision for what you want out of your life, but instead of focusing on that idea, you focus on what you do not like about your current situation, resulting to manifesting more of those that you do not want in your life.

Dream Killer #2

Allowing Yourself to Get Stuck in your Operating System

Imagine your life as a big computer and your beliefs and habits as your operating system. We all know that the operating system is responsible for the computer to run. Now if you get stuck in an OS that’s not compatible with the current upgrades of software or apps, what happens? The computer either crashes or does not progress.

It’s like your life in so many ways. Your present environment calls for an upgrade, but you remain stuck with your outdated Operating System. You cannot move forward because of your limiting beliefs and habits.

These beliefs mostly are subconscious, meaning you are not aware that you have them, but they are very powerful. They would only show up to reveal themselves when you try to go outside of your comfort zone.

This would result to self-sabotage in some ways, — you stop doing a course of action and you go back to what is more comfortable or convenient for you, to what is safe and familiar, even though the safe and familiar does not bring you happiness and you don’t feel alive.

In order for you to move a step forward towards the direction of your dream, you need to unstuck yourself from your beliefs, start adapting new ones and change your negative habits to positive ones.

Dream Killer #3

Listening to Your Fears, Worry and Doubt

All of us, and I really mean all of us have our own set of fears, doubts and worries. This is very normal and a big part of our being human. I have a lot of them and sometimes they overwhelm me. The goal is not to erase these feelings, but to be AWARE of them when they come out, so that you can avoid letting them lead your life. You have the choice to either listen to them or to ignore them and continue following your dream.

The POWER TO CHOOSE is in your hands. You have the power to overcome these dream killers. Remember that we always had that power. We never lost it, we just didn’t know how to use it the right way.

This power is a proven system that can turn around situations that these dream killers have started to attack. And you only have to intentionally switch on that power, in your mind, to stop these dream killers in their tracks.

This power is the power of learning how to become aware of your thoughts, the power to “notice what you’re thinking.”

It could really be noisy in our world today, and I am not just talking about the outside noise that we hear from our environment, but also the noise that is within us. And most of the time, we just go through life never really acknowledging our thoughts.

Robin Sharma said, “Everything is created twice. First in the mind, then in reality.”

How true is that! Well there are other versions of it, but the idea is the same. Everything is created twice. Before something becomes a reality or something tangible, it has to be a thought first. It has to be created in your mind first. This means that whatever it is that’s in your life right now, be it positive or negative, is really a result of what you have in your thoughts, what you have been thinking.

So, this is how powerful our thoughts are! That’s why we need to be very careful with what we think, what thoughts we entertain.

The secret really, to avoiding Dream Killer #1 is to be aware of what you’re thinking. Sometimes, when we tune in and observe our thoughts without making any reasoning or conclusion, any negative pattern that you’ve become aware of, would fade away.

The next thing you have to do is to befriend Fear, Worry and Doubt. This is the secret to avoiding Dream Killers #2 and #3. Don’t avoid them. Don’t fight with them, instead acknowledge them. Give them permission to be in your life, but only at a day and time that works best for you, at your convenience. Have control over them, than letting them have control over you.

When fear, worry and doubt starts to appear in your thoughts, just pause. Press your invisible pause button. And then acknowledge them by “booking them an appointment”. Just say, okay guys, I am going to entertain you, not today, but 3 days from now.

While you are waiting, let your curiosity skills will come to play. Think about what positive things can come out of these fears that you are having. With all the internal noise you have, this one needs to be turned up. So, turn it up and listen to yourself, find the good in what you fear, in your doubts and your worries. Find the good in your problem.

Find the positive things that can come out of the situation and make sure to write them down. Now when you have your appointment three days after, chances are, the problem would have already been solved with no or little resistance at all!

So, those my dear readers are the dream killers, the reasons why you are not living the life you love living.


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