Do You Believe In Magic?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

It’s gonna be a magical day today.

“I don’t suppose at your age you still believe in magic?”, you say.

What is not to believe at something beautiful?

You said, “Well, there is no such thing as magic. All those magician’s trick has been revealed on tv. I mean, we know that those are just tricks, illusions, right?” “And today, when you capture something beautiful on camera, they ask you if it was photoshopped, or what filter did you use?” 

Spot on! That, and so many other  “scientific explanations.”

The problem with our world today is that people tend to overthink. We always try to find an explanation for something that’s wonderful  and prefer to waste time obsessing on something that is better  left as it is.  Instead of enjoying and savoring the moment, we do the opposite and question it. It’s like we’re used to living in a complicated world that people have forgotten the magic of simplicity, of living life simply. We always tend to complicate things and has become more of a habit.

But magic is everywhere.

Magic is in what you feel, hear, see and say. It is magic when people do extraordinary things for someone they love. It is magic when you find yourself smiling when you think of someone that makes your heart sing.

It is magic when you find yourself at a loss for words after seeing something beautiful. Magic is something you see, that  your mind cannot fathom, but you can only utter in awe.

Magic is something you feel, giving you all those goosebumpy-feeling, but in a good way. It is butterflies in your tummy when you see the love of your life smile. Magic is the moment when you were born into this world from your mother’s womb.

Magic is gratitude. Everything you want in life comes to you when you are grateful for the things you have and even for the things that you want but still doesn’t have. The magic word isn’t “abracadabra”, or “kazaam”. It is “thank you.”

Magic is love.  Love drives us to do extraordinary things without expecting something in return. And all things in this world was created out of nothing. That is the greatest magic of all.

And God is the greatest magician of all time.

So yes, I still believe in magic.

And these are just a few of the numerous reasons why I still do.

Do you?



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Death to the Stock Photo and Brenna Marie

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