I am back! And just in time for my annual post.


I missed blogging here so much that I promise to that I would blog more than I used to blog before. Since I will be turning another decade in my life, such a fantastic moment for me, I am anticipating it to be the best years of my life, I have decided to blog more about self-improvement and empowerment, experiences that were so profound in my life and that made me who I am now.

Life begins at 40, and I am ready to face the world with a better perspective, a happier heart and with a clearer vision of what I want for the future. I don't like making resolutions for the new year, but I make lists. Looking back to my previous list, I can say that I was able to do almost more than fifty percent of what I wanted to do. This time, my list would be more detailed, more attainable and practical. So here goes..

For 2016, these are what I would like to do . Just for fun, I would like to think of a song that would serve as an inspiration for that particular thing I want to do. (The songs in this list may be old and does not necessarily mean I love them, it just gives a meaning or a connection to the resolution I have for the coming year.It could even just be because of the title. )

1. Be Careful with My Heart (Jose Mari Chan & Regine Velasquez)


"If you love me like you tell me, please be careful with my heart. You can take it, just don't break it, or my world will fall apart."

Being careful with my heart means that I should be careful to whom it should beat for again. I know I may not be able to control it, but I will try to let my head rule. I have been single for the past 4 years and I am enjoying singleness a lot. But because I am only a woman who can sometimes feel so helpless and vulnerable, I still need someone to protect me. I nearly fall for the wrong person again. Thank God my logic still ruled over my heart. I cannot afford to make the same mistakes all over again.

Yes, I also know I need to exercise more. Ageing also means that my body is slowing down. The endurance that I used to have is now starting to lower. I feel tired easily and short of breath. So, running or Zumba would be perfect for me.

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