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I've always loved reading about Cinderella. She introduced me to Prince Charming and to the concept of happily ever after. As a child, it was one of those Disney cartoons that I and my siblings would watch over and over again. We memorized all the songs by heart. We even loved Lucifer, the stepmother’s cat.

I had the opportunity to watch Cinderella with my kids. Not that I really wanted to watch it but because I made a promise to them that I would take them to watch it. I was low on budget so I texted their dad to split the bill with me. I’ve three kids who wanted to watch that plus the yaya and me, so that makes it five and movie tickets don’t come cheap these days, especially on movies that are really for the kids.

Having their dad split the bill with me, I was just as happy as the kids were. So off we went to SM and decided we have our snacks/lunch during the movie, that would save me from buying another set of meals.

My children have watched all the sequels on Disney Channel, but the original story still is the best for me. In the movie, I anticipated it to be the same as the original , but there were some that disappointed me.

And then there were some that marked. Here are three lines that did so:


1. “Have courage, be kind.”

I loved this line that Cinderella’s mom told her before she died. This is something that I would want to advice my children. Having the courage and being kind at the same time can be quite a challenge.  Having the courage would sometimes mean being able to go against the norms for what goes on for kids their age. And being kind in a world that is slowly becoming vain and self-centered can also be daunting. This is a big challenge for the next generation to come.

Personally, I am having a problem with having courage and being kind. I am still trying to understand the difference between being kind and doing good to others. 


 2.“But I am just a girl, not a princess.” (Cinderella) “And I am just a lizard, not a Footman.”(lizard who was magically transformed into the Footman)

We all have fears and uncertainties, and these fears, when we entertain them and let them rule how we lead our lives, they cripple us. It stops us from showing and living our full potential.

Sometimes we are bound to assume the roles of others, maybe not by choice, but because of circumstances. It may be something we have no control over.  But there's something that we can do, and that is to be the best we can be in performing that role. After all, some things are just temporary.

When the lizard said those lines in response to Cinderella, it showed me that everybody can be as vulnerable as we are, and yet they were able to overcome those fears and became the best they could ever be.


3. “ Enjoy it while it lasts.”

This might seem an ordinary line but the way it was delivered in the story, it reminded me that everything has an end, nothing goes on forever and that we do not have control of everything that’s happening so we might as well enjoy it while it lasts. I am a self-confessed worry-wart. I worry all the time, for the future, for my children, always trying to be prudent as much as I can. This reminded me to have fun and live the moment and worry not about what might be because life has always a way of making everything alright.

Best of all, It taught us to be who we really are, because no matter what other people think or make of us, our real character will show and will bring us something better. 

Having the ability to forgive people who are the least deserving is the real test of character.
But one thing I still believe in that also holds true to this movie is to always keep the faith.

I know this doesn't concern my children and this is more of a revelation about myself than theirs. The only thing that I look out for when watching movies with the kids is if it was worth my money, basing from the way my kids talked about it with their cousins, I therefore conclude it was worth my money (and their dad's) after all.

Here's my personal review on the movie.

Cinderella The Movie: A Review



I had the opportunity to visit an orphanage for abandoned children aged 0-3 years old. It is one of those privately owned orphanages run by a foundation. I was impressed and amazed because the founder is one of those prominent politicians/political family in Metro Manila and yet, I never heard them mention or brag about this in public. My opinion of them as politicians has completely made a 360 degrees turn.

I have to post it this way since posting of photos of the children in the house are prohibited to protect their identity.

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