I Ran for A Hero

Monday, February 2, 2015

The recent weeks had the whole country on an emotional roller coaster ride.  Two weeks ago, we were all ecstatic and our spirits were high with the visit of Pope Francis. We were all filled with positivity and happiness that not even a storm could dampen our spirits. The Villamor Airbase drowned with the chants of people awaiting the touchdown of Pope Francis’ arrival from Sri Lanka.

Ironically,in a span of one week, that same airbase was filled with gloom , wailing and tears, all of the opposite of what happened just a week ago with the arrival of the 44 fallen Special Action Force (SAF) men of the Philippine National Police who died in pursuit of arresting an international bomber considered to be the Bin Laden of Asia . This tragedy brought the Filipinos outrage and raised hurting questions on who should be accountable for their deaths.

I will skip writing my true feelings about this. But I have always been very vocal about my opinions and it is very well laid out in my Facebook posts.

It is even more tragic for our nation to have a leader who chose his BFFs over the people who fought for the country that which he is supposed to lead.

Photo: Regent International School

Because I don’t want my blog to sound or ring a political note, and since I am not an expert on the issues surrounding this, I’ll keep my mouth shut and my feelings mine. But I cannot control the anger, betrayal and the hurt that the Filipino people may be feeling right now. Just read the posts on Facebook and other social media sites. As one netizen said, “Facebook is the new EDSA!” And I am one with the people in shouting “We want peace!”

I have a special attachment to the military, because during Haiyan/Yolanda, without them we would be dying from thirst. It was them who would snuck bottles of mineral water from their supplies and give it to us. It was them who entertained and played with my children to ease the boredom while we wait for the C130. It was them who ran with us, carrying my children so we could go before everyone else. We did try but we failed. I have always said that I will forever be grateful to them.

There may be a selected few who will always be the black sheep of the men in uniform, but personally, situations like these brings back my trust in them. I just hope that our men in uniform will give importance to the lives of our modern day heroes before they think of doing something dishonorable.

Salute to the SAF44

I ran the Condura-Skyway Marathon last Sunday, February 1, 2015 and it turned emotional for most of us. The theme for this year’s run is “I Ran for a Hero”. The concept and the beneficiary , Hero Foundation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, was already chosen a year ago, but then coincidentally, it became more meaningful with the recent developments in our country.

Photo: Facebook page of Condura Skyway Marathon

As we started to form at gun start, the emcee told us that we have 44 special guests from the SAF each holding a photo of their fallen comrades. And as soon as we passed by them, we gave them our snappiest salute. It was one touching moment, as some even touched the photos of our Fallen44. Othe runners dedicated to run an extra 2 kms for our fallen SAF.

I ran the 6K (well, almost run). It was actually more of like run, walk, selfie, run,walk,repeat. My sister asked me to leave her at her pace and meet her at the finish line. Younger than me, she was surprised I still had the endurance to run. Thanks to my daily walks. I prefer walking than taking a ride. It is the only exercise that I do on a daily basis. Sometimes I do simple stretching.

After crossing the finish line, we were given our medals. The 42K and 21K got finisher’s shirts. I was contented with my brass medal. I just achieved my goal, I finished the race at 1:15:16. Not bad for someone who doesn’t have enough practice.

It's two days after now and I'm still walking like a duck. My body is sore, my feet is a bit swollen. But thanks to the Mueller Easyfit Kinesiology Tape Pre-cut X-Pattern , it did it's job in lessening muscle pain. Actually, I didn't felttightness in my right calf than on my left without the tape.

Hero Foundation

The Hero Foundations provides financial support for the AFP orphans. The support come in the form of stipends that are directly given to the families to help them with the cost of books, uniform, meals, transportation, school supplies and sometimes, even their tuition fees. (http://herofoundation.com.ph/about-us/how-we-started)

(Ironically, this foundation was organized by the late Pres.Corazon Aquino, the mother of the one who snubbed the Fallen SAF44's arrival at the Villamor Airbase.)

Know more about the Hero Foundation here.

You can also become a volunteer blogger by clicking here.

More photos here:


I'm still keeping the faith that one day we'll attain peace in Mindanao.



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