The post below contains my own views of the matter. I cannot and do not speak for all the women victims of violence. I only speak from my own experience. If you haven't experienced any form of abuse: sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse, then you might not understand where I am coming from. Still, I expect your respect in as much as I give my utmost respect for people who do not share the same views with me.

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I’ve been wanting to write my views about the popular 50 Shades of Grey series ever since I read the book, 2 or 3 years ago, but then I didn’t think it’d count because there have been so many controversies that surrounded this ever since the first book was launched. And everybody has something to say about it, that my views would be nothing compared to the others’.

But then, with the way this has been given a lot of attention by the media, and by other “open-minded” people, I think I need to voice out my views on this, because of the advocacies that I believe in, especially that this is what my blog is all about. I have always been honest here, in the things that I post, because in my humble opinion, there is no need to pretend to be someone who you are not, especially if it is just meant to sugar-coat the issues that you want your blog to speak of.
The recent weeks had the whole country on an emotional roller coaster ride.  Two weeks ago, we were all ecstatic and our spirits were high with the visit of Pope Francis. We were all filled with positivity and happiness that not even a storm could dampen our spirits. The Villamor Airbase drowned with the chants of people awaiting the touchdown of Pope Francis’ arrival from Sri Lanka.

Ironically,in a span of one week, that same airbase was filled with gloom , wailing and tears, all of the opposite of what happened just a week ago with the arrival of the 44 fallen Special Action Force (SAF) men of the Philippine National Police who died in pursuit of arresting an international bomber considered to be the Bin Laden of Asia . This tragedy brought the Filipinos outrage and raised hurting questions on who should be accountable for their deaths.

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