Remembering Yolanda (Haiyan): My Story

Monday, November 10, 2014

The only thing that's constant is change. Life IS a constant change, so they say. But what if at a snap of a finger, your whole life changed and that it happened so fast that you can't even keep up with the events that happened.

That's what happened to us, me and my fellow Leytenos.

One year has passed but it still seems like yesterday. The horrors of what happened that fateful day is still so fresh that watching everything being shown on tv is reliving the pain and the horror of what happened again and again.

One year has passed and it is only now that I was able to write again about what happened to us on November 8,2013. I have tried to forget and move on but these are events in your life that you don't forget. Closing your eyes could still be like stepping into a time machine and being brought back into the exact day of your worst nightmare.

We've moved on, but we did not forget what happened.

Describing it as a nightmare would not even be right, because I have not imagined something like that, not in my waking life, nor in my dreams, even in my nightmare. No one could have predicted something like that could happen to you or your family.

Watching these documentaries on tv made me realize that what happened to us was "milder" than to what others had experienced. I realized this really is a second chance at life for my kids (not for me, because I have been given chances when I tried committing suicide countless times in the past).

I also come to the realization that I believe, my children and I were located in the safest house compared to my friends and other relatives. Yes, I did call out to all the saints and worshipped God like I never before, but our location did help. My only fear at that time was what if the windows exploded because of the pressure and the rooftop might cave-in, because there was a lot of rain. Living in the second floor of an apartment-type building, it was an advantage. Yes, the rain was seeping through the window and coming in from the cracks of the walls and the rooftop, and my steel gate got blown away, that was what frightened me because even though we were in the second floor, water had already seeped in through the window.

Just a month ago before Yolanda, we moved to this apartment. This was by far the best decision I made in my life, because the apartment we moved out from was totally washed out. I don't know where I could have hidden my kids, we could have been all dead. My sister and her kids was living there, because we switched houses, but by God's will, they were in Manila for the Undas, fortunately, they were not able to rebook their plane tickets and got it cancelled.

See, sometimes, delays are good. It can or may save your life, so don't freak out if you experience delays in life.

And so, on this anniversary, I would like you to please visit my other blogpost.

This is my story.

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