15 Things I Learned from Francis Kong

Monday, October 6, 2014

I always believe that the quest for knowledge is timeless.  There should be no expiration date, no age limit to learning. And that is why I always make it a point to invest in something that I would learn. So you just can’t imagine how happy I was when one of the best motivation and inspirational speakers of our country in this time announced that he would be giving his yearly free talks. When the link for the registration came up, I think I was one of the very first people who were able to register instantly. Because after 10 minutes, I wanted to register my sister so I have someone to accompany me, all seats were sold out. Imagine, that’s how his talks are so popular. In less than an hour, all 800 seats were filled up.

He is no other than Francis Kong. I’ve been following him on Facebook and his daily statuses is where I get wisdom from. It’s actually the second time I listened to him talk live. The first one was at my daughter’s school in Tacloban City, when he was invited by the faculty to give a talk to the faculty and high school department.

 I know I was lucky to get a free ticket . And I couldn’t be luckier when, during the seminar, after getting coffee, heading back to my seat, I met him along the way. I didn’t hesitate to give him a hello, and he answered back with a smile and a hello.

I don’t regret having missed out on work that day because I learned a lot from that seminar. Let me just share to you some important things I learned from him.

1.       Discipline is the only thing that will bring you from where you are to your success.
2.       There is no such thing as shortcut to success.
3.       Ideas are powerful. People die but their ideas live on. (Think Aristotle, Plato and Socrates)
4.       Winners do not retire, they refire.
5.      Athletes cannot win without discipline.
6.     Discipline enables us to do the things that are good for us.
7.     Life is never how it happens, it’s how we take it.
8.     Your resume is already obsolete once you write it.
9.     Knowledge wants to be sought.
1.    You will always attract what you are.
1.   The way you spend your cash, and the way you spend your time, is the way you spend your life.
1.   Never be willing to compromise ethics just to earn money.
1.   The size of your house does not measure the size of your happiness.
1.   Friends would either be the wind beneath your wings, or the anchor around your feet.
1.   We are not necessarily attracted to another person because of his strengths, but because of our own weaknesses.

So there,I hope these 15 tips help you at some point. I still have another batch of helpful anecdotes from that seminar. Stay tuned.

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