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Friday, August 22, 2014

One of my projects was to organize a teambuilding for one of the biggest government agencies.And for my very first teambuilding event, I brought them to a resort in Batangas called Laiya White Cove. Searching over the internet for more information about the place, I was quite disappointed because there was little to see. So we decided to go there for an ocular inspection. I was disappointed because I could not appreciate the beauty of the place after it was ravaged by typhoon Glenda. Nevertheless, I have already witnessed the hospitality of the staff.

So, come August 8, I was anticipating complaints about the room from the group, but I was just too happy to hear that they were contented with what the resort has to offer. I got my own room too, upgraded than what I was supposed to get with the FOC. I could not really care more what type of room would be given to me, since I would only be using it at night. I am not that picky. This is work, not leisure, so I didn't expect any luxury.

One of the Family Rooms

But I was impressed, the staff upgraded one group's room to the 8,000 pesos room and I get to use their room. So, I yes, I get paid to stay in resort and eat good food as well.

This one's taken after breakfast. Just look at my smile and see how contented I was with the food. Clean plate.

Photos of Laiya's beach cannot give justice to the real beauty of the beach. I was amazed at how the sand would change its color. When we arrived around 11 in the morning, the sand was white (not powdery white like Boracay's but sort of like cream) and then as morning turned to dusk, so did the color of the sand turned to a darker shade. 

Random Photos

During low tide, sandbars would emerge and 100 meters or more from the shoreline, the water was still waist-deep. The color of the sea was just beautiful. 

There was a moon that night, and I suddenly felt a romantic atmosphere all around. Just like me, everybody else was in for a surprise! Turned out no one in the group has ever been to White Cove). When the lights were turned on at dusk, the place magically transformed and I could hear everyone's oohs and aahs. You would not fully appreciate the beauty of the resort if you will not stay overnight. 

The furniture or the "muebles" were all made of the sturdiest of wood, narra, and as my GM said, the lobby was her favorite part of the place because of antique elegance feeling it has. Yes, narra furnitures cost millions. 

I just love the details of the resort. At first glance, it seemed ordinary, but when the lights came on, the magic began and lifted every body's mood. Looking at the happy faces of my clients, I know I did something right.

Here'a a glimpse of the teambuilding activity.

Thank you to the ever accommodating personnel of Laiya White Cove.

Ms. Mial
Ms. De-an

Keep the faith and enjoy life!


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