At the Riviera Cafe, Buffet Anyone?

Monday, July 14, 2014

I love to eat! Who doesn't? And so you could just imagine how happy I was to get a call from The Heritage Hotel for an ocular with buffet lunch..for free!

Of course who am I to say no? So at lunch time, off we go to the hotel, me and a colleague. Upon arriving at the hotel, we were greeted by Ms.Kat and Ms. Jane of the Sales department, for banquet and rooms respectively. And then they led us to ..heaven..the buffet of the Riviera Cafe of the Heritage Hotel in Manila.

I wasn't prepared for a buffet, so I have not really prepped my tummy. Usually, if I knew I'd be going to a buffet dinner like this, I would not eat prior to that. And since this was unexpected, I wasn't even dressed properly. I was wearing my ultra favorite self-ripped jeans and a simple gray t-shirt. It's casual Friday anyway.

I think we circled the buffet area not just twice before we were able to start getting food. Since I had breakfast, I started with a salad. Then I took a chicken satay and a pork satay which smelled really great after it was brought to our table. I skipped the soup.

This month's theme was "A Taste of Malaysia and Singapore" but then the usual courses were still there like the Filipino dishes and the Japanese food buffet.

I salivated when I saw the sushi bar. I love Japanese food. I preferred tuna over mackerel and salmon. I had salmon the night before and I'm not really a fan of mackerel, so tuna, into my mouth you go. I could not say no to Japanese food even though the Laksa station was competing for my attention.

I totally skipped the fruit section. Somebody once gave me a tip to dining eat- all- you- can buffet is to pick the ones you haven't tasted yet. I saw how beautiful the dessert buffet was , so I headed straight towards the pastries' section.

I ordered a cappucino with my dessert. Buffet ended at 2 pm. Then, we were ushered to the 9th floor. They showed us the rest of the hotel. Before I continue on my next post.. shall we "wine"?

A friend asked me what is my favorite wine, anything will do. I'm not much of a wine drinker. In the Philippines, we don't usually drink wine during dinner, we drink wine to pass out. :)

When you have a zest for food, you have a zest for life!

Keep the faith,


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