X-Men: Days of Future Past

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am so excited with the upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. But I have someone who is more excited than me. My son! He is just four years old but you bet he could name all the characters. I am amazed at how he does it, but I guess watching too much of it would really result to that.

On a different note, I am actually contemplating on what "days of future past" actually means. Call me weird, but I have that habit of over-analyzing things. Sometimes it is a good thing, but sometimes, it can be sooo annoying to some of my friends.

Contemplating on it deeper ( that makes me another notch weirder!), I thought of what could there be in my past that could save my future? Is there something that I may have done in the past, that I should have not done so I could have save my future which is the "present"?

My life is a bed of roses, unfortunately, there are more thorns than flowers. I got pregnant too soon, at such a tender age of 17, and a mother before I celebrated my debut. The thing that I could have saved in my past was my innocence ( a subtler way of defining my virginity, can I even mention this?)

This could save my future. Big time! Becoming a mother at an age where I could not even define myself yet whether I was a girl or a woman, was a very difficult time for me. If I had waited for the right time, waited to be physically, emotionally and most of all, psychologically ready to become a mother, then I would have my children together. None of my four children would have been separated from me. Each of my children would have been proud to say they grew up with their mom. I would have the honor of feeling loved times four.

But I am not losing hope, the future may still look uncertain right now (I am a proud survivor of Yolanda), but the sun will always rise the next morning. The difference between movies and real life is that, although the sun always rise the next morning, movies always end and so do conflicts end . But in reality, life doesn't end when a certain phase of it ends, the challenges continue, thus making life more beautiful.

To end, what connection does this movie have in my life? Absolutely none! But I will watch it anyway. And so you should too.

Just keep the faith,

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