The Point in Valentine

Friday, February 14, 2014

February is the love month and now it's Valentine's Day!
 There is a different kind of sweetness in the air. It’s romance everywhere. People tend to be more romantic, and more generous in February. It’s that time of the year when men don’t mind splurging on their “amore” and the women go crazy obsessing on which shoes would match her red strapless dress.  Everywhere I go, I see couples either snuggling close to each other, or dreamily looking into each other’s eyes like lovesick puppies. At every turn, I see hearts, hearts, and more hearts, as if it is the only shape that existed. I'm amazed at how men become the most romantic person in the world for a day.

I am just one of those unlucky women who never got anything for V-day when I was younger, much more being asked on a date. Only when I reached 23 that my Valentine was exciting as someone who has won the sweepstakes.
It’ s been years since I celebrated Valentine’s Day in a special way, meaning, with a date. For years, it has been like any ordinary day. But two years ago, it became Single’s Awareness Day ( this is a nice way of calling dateless on Valentine’s), and it has become like a curse that keeps on recurring year after year. But believe it or not,  I don’t really mind.
And I guess, the curse still followed me this year, so it’s gonna be Single’s Awareness Day for me still, and I’ll celebrate it with a lot of self-love, time to pamper myself. Going dateless on a V-day can also be fun, you get to have some well-deserved “me-time” or you can celebrate it with family and friends. Love is universal anyway, it doesn’t always have to be romantic.

Photo: Good thing I saw this photo with the two movies I love.

Meanwhile, if you still find yourself dateless on Valentine’s day, and you still spend it at home  tasting every flavor of Magnum, or a tub of Häagen-Dazs  and crying over movies like Sleepless in Seattle or You’ve Got Mail (sorry, I’m a Tom Hanks and a Meg Ryan fan), although this is a very tempting thing to do, let me remind you that we are now in the year 2014. Gone are the days that we have to spend the day sulking. If you’re on a tight budget, try Cornetto . :)
Girl, it’s Single’s Awareness Day! Celebrate being single, because believe me, once you get married, you’d miss it a lot. Go out, have a relaxing massage, get that hair color you’ve always wanted but too afraid to try, put on a red lipstick and paint the town red! Guys would be ogling at you and wonder why they didn’t ask you out in the first place.
Being dateless on Valentines does not define our whole love life. It is merely a chance to experience and enjoy our awesomeness without relying on a man for happiness. Of course, it would be a different experience to have one, but then let’s not stress ourselves with things that we do not have control over. So what if your office crush chose your office mate even though you think you are better looking than her, he is probably blind. You don’t want to date someone who does not have taste in women, do you?

Early Valentine roses
But, I digress, even though I have been in two big failed relationships, I am still not giving up on love.  I will forever be a romantic at heart, even though there were really times when my heart was crushed to the ground, stomped on and left me broken , I still believe in its magic. I know that someday, my heart will open up its door once more to the one who deserves me. I can’t really tell when, as I don’t have control over God’s will , but I have a strong gut-feel that it’s going to be soon.
Until then, I still have time to enjoy Valentine without having to obsess which clothes to wear, red or black. Now, pass me the ice cream, with a cherry on top. So what's the point in Valentine? There is no point.

Keep the faith,


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