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Friday, February 7, 2014

I know , I know, my title is deceiving. It has nothing to do with me being a diva. Sure I can sing, but not in the likes of Beyonce or Mariah Carey. I have my own style. :)

There is a big event that me and the team are preparing for. It is the birthday of our company chairman’s daughter. It is a very special birthday because the couple had waited decades for the baby to come. It was an elusive dream for them since both of them may have something medically that keeps them from having children. And now that the baby is celebrating her first year, the couple decided to spend a fortune on the baby’s birthday celebration.

One of the highlights of the birthday, as in any other birthdays, is the AVP. We have planned on telling the story of how the couple met the baby and how they became one family.This party would also serve as the announcement of her adoption. And so, with the AVP, we wanted it to be special. We wanted to hire someone professional to do the voice-over. Suddenly, I remembered my former boss and colleague in the English Proficiency Center which I used to work for (it has closed down) Ms. Carmen Cabiles.

Ms. Carmen Cabiles, my former English Proficiency teacher and boss. :)

Ms. Carmen, or Car as I call her do voice-overs for commercials, phone recordings and trainings. Good thing she was available on the dates that we chose. She had already met my other boss and it would be a good thing for them to work together.

My other co-worker, Ms. Lily Nerias, our Executive Marketing Manager and a member of the board, is the one incharge of the technicalities of the event.  A colleague of her introduced her to Ms. May of SoundWeavers in Makati.  Jerry, the sound engineer is also the owner.

Carmen with Jerry, sound engineer and owner of SoundWeavers Recording Studio

So come Friday and we were all set to go. Funny thing that Car was having a sore throat that morning and was afraid she’d lose her voice. So she just kept quiet the whole day, afraid to strain her voice.  We bought her a warm Mint Tea from Starbucks so she’d be able to soothe her throat while waiting for one of our other team member.

Inside the studio, we were like kids,taking turns in wearing the headset, for pictorial purposes. More because of curiosity, or vanity to put it right.  I think. :)

Yes! That's me! :)

But then it was only because Jerry, the sound engineer/owner was so accommodating and maybe he understood newbies (except for Car). He allowed us to take pictures inside the recording booth, and he was so easy to work with. Three samples and recordings, and we were done.

Car on the other hand, has the smoothest voice I have ever heard. She has a way of projecting her voice that makes it so cool to hear. One of her projects was the Oreo Strawberry commercial. She did the voice over at the end of the commercial. Being a voice talent can also be difficult as you have to take care of your voice. And the number one mortal enemy for them is the changing weather.

So, after two hours of recording, drinking tea in between and crying (yes, the momma was already crying even though there is still two weeks to go). It’s so touching to see, amusing even, to see a grown up woman cry every time she hears the American Tail’s movie soundtrack, “Somewhere Out There”.

Throat clearing, stuffy noses and puffy eyes later. we call it a wrap.

If you would be in need of a voice talent, Ms Carmen can be contacted through herFacebook account or through this blog. You won’t regret it.She’s excellent!

If you want to sing like a pro and record your own music, then SoundWeavers is the place for you. Aside from their reasonable rate, at P1,250/hour, plus the accommodating owners and sound engineers, you’ll get the best for half the price of what the other recording companies charge.

2808 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower
2210 Chino Roces Ave., Makati
Tel: 63-2-729-5243
Mobile: 63-922-855-8836 / 63-917-807-0521
Look for : Ms. May
Photo Credits: Ms. Lingling Ngo

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