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Opening Doors to New Opportunities

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The year has started right for me.

As I wrote in my previous post, I would take every opportunity this year to network, make new connections, travel , have an adventure and earn at the same time. Luck is on my side.

Two years ago, before I left for Tacloban, I was asked to become a part of an exciting new company which has me as one of the top honchos. But since I was more keen on having my children back, winning the custody battle than my career, I put my everything on hold and put the children’s interest before mine.

Lobby of Maxim Hotel inside Resorts World Manila

One thing that the super typhoon Haiyan gave me, was a mandatory leave of absence from all the hiatus that was already going on in my life. I needed it, the soul-searching, just not in the way that it was given to me. But months after that event, I am still in a confused state as to where everything is leading to.  But instead of stressing about it, I lift everything to God, and surrender to His plans.

Maxim's Restaurant

In order for me to satisfy or appease my hunger for an adventure, or for change, I decided to reconnect with the company that I was involved in. And here I am now, as Managing Director for TF Events and Resources, a travel consultancy, events planning company, I am up to the challenge of making a change in my life and in my career.

I have still maintained my online job, as a Virtual Assistant for one of the best and awesome bosses I ever had. Two years and I feel that I am more keen on improving my professional relationship with him, just as I did with my previous employers, and I feel that there is a bright future in terms of our working relationship and other opportunities . And because I respect him , even though I was afraid that he might not approve that I work double, choosing to do what is right, I decided to inform him of the recent developments in my career and I was just so happy to know that he was also happy about this and regarded it as great news. Since the work that I do for him can be done in a flexible manner, everything is going to work out fine. Imagine if I had not told him about this, I would have been super stressed of trying to cover up any hassle I would have met. Juggling two jobs is not an easy task. Plus mommy duties, I don’t think I can handle more stress.

And so for my first assignment as Managing Director, I have to represent the company in meetings and events which is one of the main responsibility. The first thing that I did when I assumed the position was to attend the 1st General Membership and Business Meeting of the NITAS (Network of Independent Travel Agencies and Services) which our company was a member of and product presentation of some of our suppliers. The event was held at the prestigious members-only lifestyle club, the Genting Club inside Resorts World Manila, designed particularly for Manila’s elite. Though it was not the first time I’ve been to Resorts World Manila, it was the first time that I was able to go past beyond the mall and casino and went inside one of the exclusive amenities for V.I.P’s.  Some parts of the club was off limits to picture-taking especially the high-rollers club so I was very careful not to break that rule.

The venue was sponsored by Resorts World Manila. The sponsors were given opportunity to present their products and  among them were Marriott Hotel, Genting Star Tourism Academy, Resorts World Entertainment, which will be launching their latest musical production after Cinderella, Priscilla Queen of the Dessert,( I will do a separate article for it), Star Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line.
I was really looking forward towards the raffle. 

Standing under the money tree, hoping for a more prosperous and successful year to come.
I know all of us were eyeing on the grand prizes which included an overnight stay for two at the Marriott Hotel and a 3day2night Asian Cruise aboard Star Cruises  Superstar Virgo. I wanted the Asian Cruise so badly, I’ve been eyeing  it since I started attending business meetings /networking like this. But, never had luck, yet. Come to think of it, had I won the overnight hotel accommodation, I would have to find someone to accompany me. I don’t want to spend a P9,000+ per night on my own. That would have been a tragedy.

Buffet courtesy of Resort World Manila
And I just feel so exhilarated. I used to attend these kind of event meetings before, about a decade ago when I was just starting out in the travel and tourism industry, but never have I felt so excited and exhilarated as I do now. I think I have found my niche. This is where I belong and plan to prosper.

Beautiful people, good food, some wining and dining, entertainment and nice commissions, I think I love it here.  :)

Keeping the faith,


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