February is the love month and now it's Valentine's Day!
 There is a different kind of sweetness in the air. It’s romance everywhere. People tend to be more romantic, and more generous in February. It’s that time of the year when men don’t mind splurging on their “amore” and the women go crazy obsessing on which shoes would match her red strapless dress.  Everywhere I go, I see couples either snuggling close to each other, or dreamily looking into each other’s eyes like lovesick puppies. At every turn, I see hearts, hearts, and more hearts, as if it is the only shape that existed. I'm amazed at how men become the most romantic person in the world for a day.
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I am just one of those unlucky women who never got anything for V-day when I was younger, much more being asked on a date. Only when I reached 23 that my Valentine was exciting as someone who has won the sweepstakes.
It’ s been years since I celebrated Valentine’s Day in a special way, meaning, with a date. For years, it has been like any ordinary day. But two years ago, it became Single’s Awareness Day ( this is a nice way of calling dateless on Valentine’s), and it has become like a curse that keeps on recurring year after year. But believe it or not,  I don’t really mind.
And I guess, the curse still followed me this year, so it’s gonna be Single’s Awareness Day for me still, and I’ll celebrate it with a lot of self-love, time to pamper myself. Going dateless on a V-day can also be fun, you get to have some well-deserved “me-time” or you can celebrate it with family and friends. Love is universal anyway, it doesn’t always have to be romantic.

Photo: 987theriver.com Good thing I saw this photo with the two movies I love.

Meanwhile, if you still find yourself dateless on Valentine’s day, and you still spend it at home  tasting every flavor of Magnum, or a tub of Häagen-Dazs  and crying over movies like Sleepless in Seattle or You’ve Got Mail (sorry, I’m a Tom Hanks and a Meg Ryan fan), although this is a very tempting thing to do, let me remind you that we are now in the year 2014. Gone are the days that we have to spend the day sulking. If you’re on a tight budget, try Cornetto . :)
Girl, it’s Single’s Awareness Day! Celebrate being single, because believe me, once you get married, you’d miss it a lot. Go out, have a relaxing massage, get that hair color you’ve always wanted but too afraid to try, put on a red lipstick and paint the town red! Guys would be ogling at you and wonder why they didn’t ask you out in the first place.
Being dateless on Valentines does not define our whole love life. It is merely a chance to experience and enjoy our awesomeness without relying on a man for happiness. Of course, it would be a different experience to have one, but then let’s not stress ourselves with things that we do not have control over. So what if your office crush chose your office mate even though you think you are better looking than her, he is probably blind. You don’t want to date someone who does not have taste in women, do you?

Early Valentine roses
But, I digress, even though I have been in two big failed relationships, I am still not giving up on love.  I will forever be a romantic at heart, even though there were really times when my heart was crushed to the ground, stomped on and left me broken , I still believe in its magic. I know that someday, my heart will open up its door once more to the one who deserves me. I can’t really tell when, as I don’t have control over God’s will , but I have a strong gut-feel that it’s going to be soon.
Until then, I still have time to enjoy Valentine without having to obsess which clothes to wear, red or black. Now, pass me the ice cream, with a cherry on top. So what's the point in Valentine? There is no point.

Keep the faith,


Dear Readers,

If you have been a follower and have been reading my blog, you know what I have been through. The most challenging thing I had to do in my 30+ years of existence is surviving Haiyan. As one of the survivors of the world's strongest typhoon recorded for 2013, I can say that this is a second life for me. A rebirth.

Because of this, I have decided to let go of my former life, of my past, and continue living as a whole new being. With this, I leave all my memories of the past here in this blog. You are still welcome to read my old posts though.

I have imported this blog into my own domain. As you can see, I have a new domain name! Yay!
Please continue to follow and read my posts. You never know what lessons you might get from reading through my experiences.

With this, I would also start to post using my alter ego, Eve. I think that by using an alter ego, I will be able to differentiate the personalities in my posts. No, I don't have DID (Double Identity Disorder). :) Thank God.

What you can now do, if you wish to continue following and reading my posts, is to add me on Google+ or just copy the RSS feed in the Eve Diaries blog  and you can read my posts in a feed reader of your choice.

Thank you so much for the great 5 years of blogging in this community. Thank you for laughing and crying with me. Thank you for reading or rather listening to my countless rants on almost anything.

Hoping to share with you in the next 5 years to come!

Thank you very much.

Still keeping the faith,

It’s been 3 months since Haiyan changed our lives forever.
My life made a 360 degree turn. What was once a laid-back lifestyle , one that have you home at 7 pm and just enjoy working at the comforts of your home, to a lifestyle that brings random out of town trips.
Photo: beautifullymisunderstood.com

Three months and I still haven’t made up my mind yet, whether to follow my children’s wishes and have my career take a backseat once more, or enjoy the adrenaline rush  and take the opportunity to make something out for the future. Leaving Tacloban wasn’t a choice, but more of a means for survival. Yet I cannot help but feel guilty if I decide to stay here in the big city. I would not only be turning back on what I promised my children, that we would return to Tacloban to finish school, but I feel like I am turning my back on a city that I love, in a time that it needed the help of it’s residents.

I know I wasn’t able to do so much to help the city, and that makes me feel sadder. I was given the opportunity to work with the Chinese Red Cross as an interpreter, through the recommendation of someone, to help them with the construction of some facilities. Apparently, there was no one they knew who could fully understand Chinese Mandarin, since most of our Chinese folks back there was taken by the complexity of the language, since most, if not all , spoke Fokkien. I know I said yes, but at the last minute, I backed out because I could not bear to leave my kids for a very long time.

Photo: tonyrobbins.com

I was also supposed to fly in with a journalist friend, Nikko Dizon of  the Philippine Daily Inquirer to help her with her outreach program , distributing noche buena packages with Jadway Go of Leyte Park Hotel. But then, I backed out the last minute because the schedules of C130 flights made us decide to take a commercial flight out of Tacloban on the 24th of December. Knowing how sometimes commercial flights can be unreliable at times, I didn’t want to take the risk of flying on the day before Christmas, for the mere fact that I was afraid I might end up not being home for Christmas Eve. My kids would be very disappointed if I am not with them on that special day.
Have I been just selfish for not sacrificing time to help out my fellow Leytenos? I ask myelf this all the time. But then again, I wanted to put my children first before anything else that I wanted to do.

Photo: mediawebapps.com

When I was finally able to go back to Tacloban for a couple of days to check the situation, I was able to clean out my closet and the kids’ and gave out most of our stuff to our former neighbors in Old Road . A pedicab driver, who had been helping us with little errands when we were still living there was lucky enough to bring home 2 sacks of used clothing and a box full of toys which my children don’t play with anymore. That, I think was something I could afford to do and be happy about it.

And now, three months after Haiyan, my career is starting to lift off. One of my prayers in my Novena to God’s love was to become a partner in one of my former boss’s company. And it did came true. As a member of the Board and Managing Director, I believe that this can be my ticket to a better future for me and my family, if I work hard and play my cards right.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why I was spared from the wrath of Typhoon Haiyan. I know this is another one of God’s blessings. How many chances will I be given to become partner in a promising company? I know that this is the last chance that I got to build a better future for my children, I am not getting any younger.

But, it hurts me so much to see the sad look on my children’s faces when I tried to tell them about my plans. I’ve been putting them in schools and whether intentionally or not, I would pull them back from that school and start them in new school again. My eldest daughter is in Grade 5, and she’s been in 5 different schools already, a new one for every year. It is emotionally tiring for her because she has not made any permanent friends yet because we keep on moving.

Photo: elitedaily.com

Personally, I am also tired of moving from one place to another. In 3 months time, we have been renting in 2 different places already. I owe it to my children to give them a stable place that they can call home, and a school that they can call their Alma Mater.
I can’t help but think about these considerations even though I have lifted it all up to God. I need your prayers, to help enlighten my mind, to make the best decision for our future. I don’t want to make a mistake anymore.

Photo: facebook.com

Decisions, decisions..What do you think?

Keeping the faith,


I know , I know, my title is deceiving. It has nothing to do with me being a diva. Sure I can sing, but not in the likes of Beyonce or Mariah Carey. I have my own style. :)

There is a big event that me and the team are preparing for. It is the birthday of our company chairman’s daughter. It is a very special birthday because the couple had waited decades for the baby to come. It was an elusive dream for them since both of them may have something medically that keeps them from having children. And now that the baby is celebrating her first year, the couple decided to spend a fortune on the baby’s birthday celebration.

One of the highlights of the birthday, as in any other birthdays, is the AVP. We have planned on telling the story of how the couple met the baby and how they became one family.This party would also serve as the announcement of her adoption. And so, with the AVP, we wanted it to be special. We wanted to hire someone professional to do the voice-over. Suddenly, I remembered my former boss and colleague in the English Proficiency Center which I used to work for (it has closed down) Ms. Carmen Cabiles.

Ms. Carmen Cabiles, my former English Proficiency teacher and boss. :)

Ms. Carmen, or Car as I call her do voice-overs for commercials, phone recordings and trainings. Good thing she was available on the dates that we chose. She had already met my other boss and it would be a good thing for them to work together.

My other co-worker, Ms. Lily Nerias, our Executive Marketing Manager and a member of the board, is the one incharge of the technicalities of the event.  A colleague of her introduced her to Ms. May of SoundWeavers in Makati.  Jerry, the sound engineer is also the owner.

Carmen with Jerry, sound engineer and owner of SoundWeavers Recording Studio

So come Friday and we were all set to go. Funny thing that Car was having a sore throat that morning and was afraid she’d lose her voice. So she just kept quiet the whole day, afraid to strain her voice.  We bought her a warm Mint Tea from Starbucks so she’d be able to soothe her throat while waiting for one of our other team member.

Inside the studio, we were like kids,taking turns in wearing the headset, for pictorial purposes. More because of curiosity, or vanity to put it right.  I think. :)

Yes! That's me! :)

But then it was only because Jerry, the sound engineer/owner was so accommodating and maybe he understood newbies (except for Car). He allowed us to take pictures inside the recording booth, and he was so easy to work with. Three samples and recordings, and we were done.

Car on the other hand, has the smoothest voice I have ever heard. She has a way of projecting her voice that makes it so cool to hear. One of her projects was the Oreo Strawberry commercial. She did the voice over at the end of the commercial. Being a voice talent can also be difficult as you have to take care of your voice. And the number one mortal enemy for them is the changing weather.

So, after two hours of recording, drinking tea in between and crying (yes, the momma was already crying even though there is still two weeks to go). It’s so touching to see, amusing even, to see a grown up woman cry every time she hears the American Tail’s movie soundtrack, “Somewhere Out There”.

Throat clearing, stuffy noses and puffy eyes later. we call it a wrap.

If you would be in need of a voice talent, Ms Carmen can be contacted through herFacebook account or through this blog. You won’t regret it.She’s excellent!

If you want to sing like a pro and record your own music, then SoundWeavers is the place for you. Aside from their reasonable rate, at P1,250/hour, plus the accommodating owners and sound engineers, you’ll get the best for half the price of what the other recording companies charge.

2808 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower
2210 Chino Roces Ave., Makati
Tel: 63-2-729-5243
Mobile: 63-922-855-8836 / 63-917-807-0521
Look for : Ms. May
Photo Credits: Ms. Lingling Ngo

Keep the faith,


The year has started right for me.

As I wrote in my previous post, I would take every opportunity this year to network, make new connections, travel , have an adventure and earn at the same time. Luck is on my side.

Two years ago, before I left for Tacloban, I was asked to become a part of an exciting new company which has me as one of the top honchos. But since I was more keen on having my children back, winning the custody battle than my career, I put my everything on hold and put the children’s interest before mine.

Lobby of Maxim Hotel inside Resorts World Manila

One thing that the super typhoon Haiyan gave me, was a mandatory leave of absence from all the hiatus that was already going on in my life. I needed it, the soul-searching, just not in the way that it was given to me. But months after that event, I am still in a confused state as to where everything is leading to.  But instead of stressing about it, I lift everything to God, and surrender to His plans.

Maxim's Restaurant

In order for me to satisfy or appease my hunger for an adventure, or for change, I decided to reconnect with the company that I was involved in. And here I am now, as Managing Director for TF Events and Resources, a travel consultancy, events planning company, I am up to the challenge of making a change in my life and in my career.

I have still maintained my online job, as a Virtual Assistant for one of the best and awesome bosses I ever had. Two years and I feel that I am more keen on improving my professional relationship with him, just as I did with my previous employers, and I feel that there is a bright future in terms of our working relationship and other opportunities . And because I respect him , even though I was afraid that he might not approve that I work double, choosing to do what is right, I decided to inform him of the recent developments in my career and I was just so happy to know that he was also happy about this and regarded it as great news. Since the work that I do for him can be done in a flexible manner, everything is going to work out fine. Imagine if I had not told him about this, I would have been super stressed of trying to cover up any hassle I would have met. Juggling two jobs is not an easy task. Plus mommy duties, I don’t think I can handle more stress.

And so for my first assignment as Managing Director, I have to represent the company in meetings and events which is one of the main responsibility. The first thing that I did when I assumed the position was to attend the 1st General Membership and Business Meeting of the NITAS (Network of Independent Travel Agencies and Services) which our company was a member of and product presentation of some of our suppliers. The event was held at the prestigious members-only lifestyle club, the Genting Club inside Resorts World Manila, designed particularly for Manila’s elite. Though it was not the first time I’ve been to Resorts World Manila, it was the first time that I was able to go past beyond the mall and casino and went inside one of the exclusive amenities for V.I.P’s.  Some parts of the club was off limits to picture-taking especially the high-rollers club so I was very careful not to break that rule.

The venue was sponsored by Resorts World Manila. The sponsors were given opportunity to present their products and  among them were Marriott Hotel, Genting Star Tourism Academy, Resorts World Entertainment, which will be launching their latest musical production after Cinderella, Priscilla Queen of the Dessert,( I will do a separate article for it), Star Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line.
I was really looking forward towards the raffle. 

Standing under the money tree, hoping for a more prosperous and successful year to come.
I know all of us were eyeing on the grand prizes which included an overnight stay for two at the Marriott Hotel and a 3day2night Asian Cruise aboard Star Cruises  Superstar Virgo. I wanted the Asian Cruise so badly, I’ve been eyeing  it since I started attending business meetings /networking like this. But, never had luck, yet. Come to think of it, had I won the overnight hotel accommodation, I would have to find someone to accompany me. I don’t want to spend a P9,000+ per night on my own. That would have been a tragedy.

Buffet courtesy of Resort World Manila
And I just feel so exhilarated. I used to attend these kind of event meetings before, about a decade ago when I was just starting out in the travel and tourism industry, but never have I felt so excited and exhilarated as I do now. I think I have found my niche. This is where I belong and plan to prosper.

Beautiful people, good food, some wining and dining, entertainment and nice commissions, I think I love it here.  :)

Keeping the faith,


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