If I am gone before we meet,
Just look inside you, I can’t be missed.
I’m in your heart, in every bend,
When love is true, it has no end.

Note: This is an original composition of mine. Please feel free to use this, but please allow me to have the credit for the words. It took years for me to finally have my poetic touch back.


When I miss you, 
I go out and look up at the sky
Knowing that at that very same moment,
We are looking up at the same sky
Regardless of what time of the day it is
I smile, because I know, you are smiling too.

Note: This is an original composition. Please feel free to use this, but please allow me to have the credit for the words. It took years for me to have my poetic touch back. :)
Chapter 3

Today is my birthday. And I have a theme for the coming year. Love, travel and passion. It is time to move on and focus on what I want so badly for my life .

As with every year, my birthday is celebrated in a modest way. No booze, no party hats and balloons, no fancy food. Just a simple dinner with my family. Boring , you say. I agree. But unlike the past birthdays, I feel that this birthday is different and more special than ever, well, aside from the fact that I did survive a strong typhoon in my life, both literally and figuratively speaking.

This is my second life. No. Make it third or fourth. I lost count of how many times I nearly died, intentionally or not. This is the beginning of another chapter of my life. And I can feel that tonight, that the universe is conspiring something extraordinary for me. And I can't explain how truly excited I am with the thought of something big to happen and not knowing it yet.

A year older ( don't ask me the digits), and hopefully, wiser. I feel that somehow, I have mellowed down a bit and have better control over my emotions, and  a better perspective of life. I have also noticed that my passion for everything has reignited. My passion for food is the most obvious as the result is very much visible in my expanded and almost "not-so-there" waistline.

Passion for poetry and love has been awakened by one book which I did not know or heard of till lately.And so I got it for myself as a birthday gift, an ebook version. It is such a good read that it made me feel so young and so wanting to fall in love again. I kinda miss the euphoria of being in love. Is it too late for me? I don't think so. I truly believe in my heart that God has one special person waiting for me when I'm ready. (Hopefully not when I'm fifty! God, please no!)

I was so inspired by Lang Leav, a contemporary poet and artist. She published a book of poems that she wrote for the love of her life called Love and Misadventures. I know that at my age, I am not in the same level as to the majority of her readers, but what can I say, I am young at heart! And I plan to stay that way as long as I can.

This is a screenshot of what I got for my birthday. 

After reading it, I was able to dig deeper into my soul, inspired to do the things that I have loved and always loved to do. I realized that a thirst for something can never be fully quenched until you slow down, sit and have that perfect drink. Passion for anything is like a fire burning inside you.  It haunts you day and night , with thoughts of what could have been, what could have not, what should have been and the should have not. And this is way more annoying than actually allocating and finding the time for it. And so, here I am, reading and writing poetry again. Plus a more fervent passion for food.

Here is a glimpse of what the book Love and Misadventures is all about. The poem below is one of my favorites, but , ironically, it is in total contrast to what I am preaching about in this blog. :)

 Here's another one that I have almost similarly blogged about, angels in our lives. And I got goosebumps reading it and realizing it to be true.

True. I have someone whom I consider an angel. And I am afraid for the day to come when the halo lifts. But then, I can only be thankful for everything that's been done for us by our angels.

If you would also notice, I have changed the title of my blog to  Eve's Diaries. I found it a better sounding one than the previous title. Hopefully, it will entice more readers to read my blog and hopefully inspire them too.( Think The Carrie Diaries, The Vampire Diaries..etc..gotta keep up with the times. lol!)

Keeping the faith,

New Life, New Me

The year has ended, and once more, we put our pens (or our laptops for that matter) and try to write down the goals we want to set for the new year. As I said in my New Year’s post last year, I am not the type who writes down goals. Not really in that context, but I do write some sort of a checklist of essential things that I need to do for the coming year.


Earlier, I took one look at my Essentials for 2013 and I can say that I have at least done about 95% of what was written there, although not everything happened to the letter. I was able to write, not for a local magazine, but more than that. I put up my own website, and did write all the articles for that, and I was blessed to have two, All About Eve Network and When Also, I was finally able to maintain a blog, (this one), which I religiously write and post every time I got time to spare. The big reward is having followers who really read my posts. 

The cooking show may have not materialized and may not anymore, but I took the initiative of taking a cooking class from the University of Stanford called Child Nutrition and Cooking through Coursera, which I really did enjoy most. Speaking of education, and the quest for knowledge, I was able to complete at least 2 of the 5 courses I signed up for in Coursera, Child Nutrition and Cooking and The Social Context of Mental Health from the University of Toronto, which earned me a Certificate of Distinction. With that, I realized that I have a future in Psychology.

Looking back, I can say that I had my heart’s desires come true through prayers and persistence. Ain't God wonderful? I know He loves me so much sometimes He spoils me.

So now, I want to write about my essentials for 2014. Of course there would still be some of the same essentials, but I want to add more. So here goes:


Photo: me

I do love writing, so this will still be in my topmost list, well, next to Worship which I plan on joining a ministry once more. I am continuing my website on women empowerment and plan to open it to other writers. I would also want to finish a book , which I have started by the way, but kept on postponing it thinking it may not be the right time yet.


No,not the motherly and platonic kind of love. I am overflowing with that. I am a hopeless romantic, always have , always will be. I mean, fall in love with a real man. It’s been quite some time since I had my heart skipping a beat, except of course in that hellish ride from Catbalogan to Naga City on board a non-aircon bus during our exodus out of Tacloban. Actually falling in love and not just the thought of falling in love would really energize me, or put some zest back into this boring life of mine. But this does not mean that I would forget my children, they would always be no.1 in my life. If I could find a man who would be everything I needed him to be, most especially understand my life with my children, then he would be a keeper. Everybody loves falling in love, so why shouldn’t I ? And you can fall in love without getting hitched , right? Marriage is absolutely not on my list, yet.

Earn more.


I have already started an online shop which I plan on continuing. Time management is of utmost important as I plan on getting too busy making myself rich this year. A hundred thousand earnings per month isn’t so bad. That, and my online job.


The constant pursuit for knowledge would always be there, so, I once more enrolled for Child Nutrition and Cooking 2.0, which obviously is the continuation of the course I took last year. I thought I won’t have time to cook anymore if I plan on making myself busy,  I wanted to  leave the cooking to my maid, but then this course would once more bring me to the stove and do some hands-on experiment in cooking nutritious food. This time, I want to participate more in class not only in the assignments and discussions, but also in submitting and sharing recipes.



I don’t know why, but I think I have a bad case of wanderlust this year. I have this urge to travel, to explore more. I want to go back to having adventures, alone or with some friends. But I intend to travel alone this time, like getting in tune with myself more. I have committed my whole life to my kids the last few years, and now that they are bigger, I think it’s time for me to take care of myself.  If I'm lucky this coming year, I might stay in Taiwan for quite some time and continue processing my citizenship where I left off, not just for my future, but most especially the kids’. Migrating to another country follows in the years to come.

To start with my travels, I have already travelled via coach to Tacloban, and I must admit, it was somewhat thrilling to do something I have not done in a long time. And I have already made arrangements for the renewal of my passport. For some reason, I did not renew my passport since 2009. So, world, here I come!



I am thinking of not committing myself to a desk job this year, so I can have more freedom. That’s why I opted for an online job, so I can work anywhere my feet would take me. My salary may not be enough for my travel expenses, but as I always believe, God will provide.

Apart from the usual motherhood and work responsibilities,  these are the essentials that are on my list for 2014. Might be a  bit ambitious and a tad more crazier,  but achievable.

Have you made a list of your essentials for 2014?

Still keeping the faith,

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