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Monday, September 9, 2013

Last week was a frenzy for me. The disadvantage of having multiple jobs is that when everything has to demand more of your time at exactly the same moment,time management skills would not be of much help. As much as I don't want to, I have to decline a job offer which I initially applied for, something that would help hone my writing skills. I would have accepted it even though the pay was not I expected because of the experience in writing content that I love to do was enough for me to consider it. But circumstances did not allow it, so I let it pass.

I am glad though, that both activities and events I've been busy the whole week turned out better than I expected. Not perfect, not the best I could do, but okay enough to be called a success. I was told by one of my bosses that multiple jobs can be tough, but I tried doing it anyway.

So, tonight, I don't want to do anything but relax. Blogging is one way of relaxing for me, a stress-reliever too. And I really don't have any particular topic planned or scheduled to blog about, so anything goes. Sometimes it is liberating to just free your mind and write down whatever it is that comes to mind.

I, too,like the rest of you guys can get relaxation from music, and so off I went searching for some music that soothes my soul. I'm telling you I have a  somewhat eccentric taste in music. Sure I love listening to boy bands once in a while, or the ballads crooners like Michael Buble does, but what I really dig is the kind of music that transcends into the deepest corners of my soul. I love a different kind of music genre.

New age music.  In my humble opinion, it is really difficult to have a distinguishing factor for this kind of music, since this is a combination of different music genre. In 2000, I bought myself a CD which was called "Voyage Essential World Beat Collection". From the moment I heard it, I was hooked. Initially, I bought it because of the song Sadeness by Enigma, although I already had 2 of their albums. I really liked their music, should I say it's somewhat "orgasmic"? :) Return to Innocence is something that would make Christian Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey) delirious! Yes, I read it, so what? Click on the link if you want to read it. It's gonna be shown in theaters soon anyway. Mommy porn? Lol!

I could not find that cd anymore including some of my cd collection because I have been moving from one place to another for the last 5 years. Fortunately, YouTube is such an angel for filling out missing collections and I found one channel that has all the songs.

Every song is my favorite, but one triggered my curiosity. I heard of this first in 1995 and I fell in love with the strong vocals and the passion and emotions of the song. It's a Chinese song called "Sister Drum" performed by Dadawa. If you can understand the story behind the song, you'll understand what I am talking about.

In Ancient Tibet, they had this ritual of sacrificing virgins to the Lama (their high priest). The virgin would then be skinned and the skin would be used in making drums (according to one translation done by one commenter on Youtube). The story in the song is that the singer lost her sister who was a human sacrifice. Every day it was as if she could hear her calling every time she hears the drums. This song is a lamentation of a girl who lost her sister. So sad really. More so if you listen to the song.

Of course I love Enya, and Celtic Woman, Gregorian Monks (Gregorian Chants), Kitaro and of course Enigma. As I said earlier, Enigma (who's lead is Michael Cretu, the one who popularized the song Love Me) have the type of songs that are for me erotic. Erotic would be the right word rather than "orgasmic", but both leads to the same thing anyway.

On the lighter side, I also would like to share some of my other favorite chillaxing music.

Joe Hisiashi - Summer

Sunchyme by Dario G. (video included in the Voyage Album)

And my favorite of all :

SKY by Faye Wong (I just love her in this song! Yes, this too is an old one) Watch this one in HD and listening to the song will just free your mind from worries! 

So there, I still have a lot of music (this is what I call real music) to share, but I might take up a lot of your time. I realized, I just revealed so much about how old I really am, right? LoL! 

But, music keeps the soul forever young ! 

Keeping the faith,

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