Dreams Do Come True

Saturday, August 3, 2013

We dream big dreams, but then there are also things that we wanted to do, but never really thought of doing it because it isn't really a dream as big as the rest.

These are things that we wish we could do, but do not really worked so hard for it, but the longing is in our hearts.

 I've been wasting time trying to look for pictures to post as a throwback Thursday post or a Flashback Friday post, and then I saw these pictures and it inspired me to blog.

Good thing though because I'll be swamped with work tomorrow until the end of the week next week.

Anyways, looking at these photos, I realized that although I have not been making my dreamboard in the past, I have these things that I visualize every day.

When I tried listing down these things, I noticed that there are more of the silent dreams I had that came true than that of those which I was vocal about.

I guess God hears more the silent prayer of our hearts, rather than what we say out loud with our mouths.

When I got separated from my children, I was able to do the silent dreams I had, more because of the reason that I needed to have activities for me to keep my sanity.

 I thought maybe it was God's way of preparing me to receive whatever I wanted in life. Or , maybe it was God's way of trying to compensate for what was going on in my life at that time.

But then God doesn't work that way.

There must have been reasons why I was able to manifest the smallest, simplest, silent dream I had.

Maybe God wanted me to believe in dreams again because when I was at my darkest hours, everything seemed to have died including my dreams.

And so, I made a list of the things that I visualized that had already manifested before, but didn't see because I was too blinded by the condition I was in.

1. Reuniting with my children.

Nine months after being separated from my babies aged 2 and 3 and five months after i filed for
a Habeas Corpus case against the people who were keeping them, I finally got God's greatest gift to me and a manifestation of His great love for me.

I won the case and the Motion for Reconsiderations filed were junked.
And to top it all, I was granted sole custody without any visitation granted to the other party.
My heart was filled with so much joy.
Finally, I got to be with my children after months of seeing them only for a couple of hours at a mall.
I got  to sleep with them beside me.

I never slept so soundly before.

Now, my kids are happy to be with me and although I personally granted visitation rights to the other party without going to court, I am confident that no one can take them away from me again.

2. Bazaarista

I don't know why but I have always loved the idea of selling merchandise.

Maybe that's the entrepreneur blood pulsing in my vein. In school, as early as fourth grade, I was already selling merchandise in my class, mostly school supplies like paper,pencil and some stationery and hair accessories.

I was happy when my classmates bought stuff and I would give all my sales to my mom who mostly made the accessories by hand.

The school supplies and stationery came from our store. I think I might have sold more in school than in our store.

So, until I grow older, I was still enterprising and was fascinated by the idea of buying and selling.

I used to have an online shop, and a mini convenient store.

But businesses like this needs constant supervision and I could not find time to actually be present in the store.

And so, just to satisfy my love for selling , I dreamed of joining bazaars.

In Manila, bazaars would be all over the city especially during the Christmas Season.

I am thankful and blessed that this little silent dream I had  was granted to me.

I was able to join bazaars in Makati in one of those high rise buildings.

As a first timer bazaarista, I think I did sold well because I sold mostly make-up and accessories which, in locations like that, would be best sellers considering the market.

High-rise buildings means young professionals.

My second bazaar was the at the Rockwell Business Center.

I was so hyped up I could not feel any tiredness even though I was alone.

The only problem I had was when I had to go the restroom and I had to ask my co-bazaarista to look after my merchandise.

All in all, it was an awesome experience.

I never really expected that dream to happen.

3. Dream job.

I dreamed of having an online job which will give me the opportunity to watch over my children while I work.

I've applied to so many online sites looking for virtual assistants, spending sleepless nights working on 3-4 articles in a day about some niche markets.

I would end up so drained.There were times that I didn't get paid.

And then after praying for the right job, I was accepted, without any interview so far, but just to answer a series of questions, totally unrelated to what I was applying for.
I got hired by a Swiss company.

On February 14, 2012, I got my first assignment.

And I am so thankful that my co-worker is very lenient with my working hours as long as I produce what's asked of me.

And the most important thing is , we all get along pretty well.

Now, after almost a year and a half working for the same company, I'm still as happy as I was when I started working.

If you also want to try your luck in finding your dream online job, you can go to Onlinejobs.ph, Odesk.com or Freelancer.ph.

4. Become a business partner or an incorporator.

Yes, I prayed to have my own business or to be a business partner with a former boss and friend.

When she started a new company,  TF Events and Resources , a travel consultancy, she offered me the idea to be one of its incorporators.

And I said yes.

Now, although I don't work there, I am glad I am a part of that company.

So, if you're still in doubt that dreams do come true, I hope I change your mind.

With a lot of visualization, you attract the dreams that you long for, be it the biggest dream you ever dared to dream, or the simplest, smallest dream your heart silently longs for.

Keep the dream alive in your hearts and visualize.

May your dreams come true!

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