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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I have been waiting for an opportunity to publish this post, so that it would be a subtle deviation from my usual posts. This has been sitting in my drafts folder for weeks now and I just could not find a better way to start or finish off this post. Not that I was hoping for situations like this, but I can't find an opportunity as timely as today.

And so, I have been wanting to blog about the causes that I have been supporting. I thought that by blogging about them, this would be my contribution to their cause and hopefully get some people interested in it as well.

I was supposed to feature three of the causes that I support, but then this should be a priority. With all the calamities, acts of God or manmade, the recent calamity that struck our country make me appreciate their cause more.

I am talking about Greenpeace.  

This is the first organization that I supported, mainly by pledging a certain amount as a monthly donation. I've supported Greenpeace since 2003, but have to stop my pledges and started other alternative ways.They actually have a lot of causes you can choose from. You don't have to support everything, but you can pick one cause that fits your ideals and principles in life. 

As you all know it, Greenpeace is an environmental activist, but, they totally abhor violent protests. Their causes are catered to the preservation of our natural environment, Mother Earth. There are many ways you can get involved with Greenpeace. You can work for them (yes, some people get paid and you get the chance to get on board the Greenpeace ship and travel around the world); volunteer, fundraise, or become a cyber activist. If you think you don't have that much time, then the best thing you can do is to donate.  

Or if those things above are overwhelming for you , you can still help by donating 1 Tweet A Day.

Here's one video that the organization allows members to share to create awareness of the cause.

Last week, I renewed my subscription and membership. And I am glad that throughout the years, Greenpeace has continued to fight for what is important that most of us has taken for granted.

And to illustrate or stress my point about caring and loving our environment, I have some photos of the recent floods that is happening in Metro Manila and in some parts of Luzon until today. 

Photos: Yahoo.ph

We all live in this planet called Earth, and it would only be a matter of time that our natural resources would be extinct if we do not do our part to preserve this. We may never know when a planet identical to ours would be available for our descendants to migrate to, should the worst of the effects of climate change happens. And we hope that it does not happen anytime soon.

But the effects of climate change can be felt now. And I strongly suggest that we start being sensitive to the changes our planet is experiencing right now. Let's think about our children and future grandchildren. Will they still have access to the freebies Mother Nature shares to us selflessly right now. Although potable water doesn't come free right, let's hope that the air we breathe still be available to our future generation for free.

We can help in our own little way. Just by being conscious of our environment will help a can go a long way. Unplugging, conserving water, helping protect the ozone layer, the list can go on, and this only require you to act now.

To know more about Greenpeace and their causes, please check the Greenpeace widget in my right sidebar. Or you can visit their site here

Or watch this video.

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