Soul Mate: What I Learned from Deepak Chopra

Monday, July 8, 2013

Soul mates.

Strong words for those who are in the quest for true love. 

What is a soulmate and how do you find the one?

Generally, soul mates need not to be romantically involved with each other. There are people whom you can consider your soul mate. But for me, personally, I would very much prefer if I will be spending the rest of my life with someone I consider my soul mate.

I do not really have too much knowledge about soul mates, so imagine my elation when i stumbled upon a video material of  Deepak Chopra, talking about attracting love and manifesting your soul mate. Being in the quest right now, I'd say that the material was a God-sent gift.

So, allow me to share what I learned about attracting love and soul mates from one of the greatest thinkers of our time, Deepak Chopra.

There are certain questions you need to answer in order for you to be able to define what a soul mate is.

Attracting your soul mate is not all about looking for the right person, but in becoming the right person. Knowing what kind of person you want to be and being those qualities will eventually manifest the soul mate and will  reflect those qualities. Every relationship is a mirror image of the other.

Many people find themselves incapable of loving or unlovable which leads to their inability to accept love. Basically, someone's incapability to be lovable dates back to childhood years. Society can be cruel. A lot of things have been said and done to him/her in their childhood years which can be detrimental to his/her personal growth.

What is the right mindset?
How do you define your true self?
Are you lovable?
Why can single people sometime find it difficult to attract love? 

Remember, you are not your story, but the author of your life story.Letting go of how you perceive yourself in the past will help a lot. Stop living that old story but instead write a new story for yourself.

The answers to the questions above, I learned from Deepak Chopra, and I have written it in my other blog. Please read my other blog A Day in the Life of Anne. It is a more personal account of my daily struggle, adventures and misadventures in the pursuit for true love, happiness and eventually gain wisdom.

Hope you'll like it.

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