My Happy Pill

Thursday, July 4, 2013

After the festivities and hype of the past week, I once find myself alone again with my favorite laptop. I just realized that I have been missing out so much in life and love just because I chose to take a breather from everything else and concentrated on working my nights and days away. Sometimes being so focused on things that you don't get to enjoy can be tiring and it ends up frustrating and disappointing you more.

I've been grumpy the past week and again I can't seem to find the root of it all. And that wasn't because of the flu that got me tied down to my bed mostly last week. I woke up this morning feeling gloomy and maybe partly because I can't find my "happy pill". No, I'm not a pill-popping diva, I'm over that stage now, but I found a way to make myself happier each day. And I call that thing, my "happy pill". When I think about it or even just take a glimpse of it, I am instantly reminded of something that in one way or another lifts my mood. Talk about desperation. :) But now, I can't find it and I am a tad near the point of panic.

I'm tired of feeling down all the time. I'm tired of having to constantly put up with my mood swings. It might be difficult for you to understand me what I mean by my mood swing. How I wish it can only be described as switching from one emotion to another, but it's worse than that.But I guess, I can't really run away from this mood disorder so I might as well find ways to manage it.

And just as I thought I've been jinxed for bringing back negative people in my life, I found a ray of hope and I started writing. I made a list of things I like or would very much like to do. Doing things that you love will definitely lift up your spirits.I want to call it Ways to Lift My Spirit. And I intend to follow this list to the best I can.

1. I like to have leisure walks with a loved one.
2. When I leave work, it means I leave work. 
3. Sometimes, I won't take any work-related or club-related calls or emails during evening or on weekends.              
     I intend to do this all the time.
4. Girls night out. Wish I could have more of this.
5. Story-telling instead of watching television. (I don't know how much of this my kids will enjoy)
6. Manicure and pedicure. Better yet, a foot spa massage.
7. I'll start not taking phone calls during dinner and try to enjoy my food more.
8. Writing a long letter or in this modern times, long emails. (To whom shall I address it? I want to spare my
boss from this.He is usually the recipient of my long emails, work-related and some personal things that I am asked. I just don't know how much of it he really reads. He said, "I still read your emails, I'm just too busy to reply." LOL! ) Here's a long letter I started writing: A Love Letter for My Future Love: A Manifestation for Finding My Soulmate.
9. Do something creative with my hands. (I have totally forgotten about this, I used to do beadwork.)
10. Leisure bubble bath while reading my favorite magazine. (My favorite!)

Oh well, just writing and imagining about this is starting to lift up my mood. Can't wait to try them all.
You too can try writing down whatever it is that will uplift your mood every time you feel so low. The things I wrote above are just examples of what I love to do and would have the freedom to do. 

These are my happy pills. What's yours?


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