Dream Boards and Manifesting The Things I Want.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Today, I stumbled upon a blog that inspired me a lot. I was just going through some stuff on Facebook, when I saw a link to her blog, Thoughts. Stories.Life. Owned by @Sarah Centrella, a woman who have also journeyed through so much to achieve the things she is enjoying right now, I was so surprised at the uncanny resemblance of what she went through with my own experiences. And we also have blog posts that are somewhat similar in topics. I swear this is the first time I read her blogs.Goosebumps!

A screen capture of Thoughts. Stories.Life

On the brighter side, I am happy to know that someone out there shared almost the same experiences as I did. Makes me feel a little less lonelier. I think I am on the right track.

What I liked about her blog is that she is a living proof of The Secret's Law of Attraction, which I have been mentioning in my previous posts. Being visual also about your dreams helps a lot to manifest your dreams.

I have attended seminars and team building workshops which has the Dream Board or Vision Board -making activity, but I never really get to make one which I really needed to. I wasn't seriously believing that you can manifest anything through constant positive affirmations of what you want for the future.

After reading through Sarah's blog, it became clearer to me that indeed, what you put in your dream board, you have the power to manifest and make it a reality. So, believe it or not, I started making one.I cannot really perfect it since after I have saved the entire collage, I realized I forgot something. But, it's okay. It is really better and advisable that you make a physical dream board, something that you can see everyday, so you need to put it in a place where you can see it always.

This is where the Law of Proximity is true, as I have heard it from three different Life and love coaches, and our spiritual mentor, Bro. Bo Sanchez,the founder of the Light of Jesus, a Catholic Charismatic community.

You are influenced by the five people you get in close contact or interact everyday. These people will have the biggest influence in your life and the way you think about things. So, you might need to stay away from people who exude negative energy. This is also why good parenting is essential for kids to grow up as better persons.

Also, the first things you see in the morning and the last thought or last thing you see before you go to sleep creates a great impact in your life. Dream boards are perfect for practicing these theories. It would help a lot to put your dream board in a place where you can see it everyday.

Making the dream board somewhat gave me the feeling that I am on the right track. It made me feel good actually, because what I put there are the things that always gives me a happy feeling every time I think about them.

Here is a glimpse of my dream board. I will explain it in detail in my other blog.

It really doesn't matter how long it will take before your dreams manifest. What's more important is that you made the first step to making those dreams a reality.

So what things do you want to manifest in your life? This does not only apply to your love life, but to life in general.

Will I manifest these things on my board? Stay tuned!

Please leave your comments in the comments section. I will respond as long as it isn't spam. I always do. :)

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