Desperation or Intention: Why I Chopped My Hair Off!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My previous post was about me losing my purpose and losing myself in the things that I do now that I think doesn't serve my purpose anymore. I did talk to my heart and listened and it told me that when things go wrong for you and when you think you are losing your purpose, go back to the basics. In this case, I go back to my spirituality.

I can say that I finally had a breakthrough this morning. Not on my own, but with a help from the online seminar which I am attending. This seminar is a blessing to me. There are about 50 motivational speakers and love and life coaches. It's called the Art of Love Series, Attract Your Soulmate Now.

Desperate? Maybe. But I am not desperate for a new relationship, but desperate for finding true happiness. Oh well, maybe a bit desperate for love too. I got a new affirmation this morning that it's never too late to wish or to manifest your true love. The host of the seminar, Arielle Ford, was a first time bride at 44. Yes! And I thought I was too old to be thinking about something like this. Good thing I am not anywhere near that age , yet. Lol!

But something wonderful happened to me today. And it somehow eased my fears. And the only thing I can say now to my fears is , "So what?" " I still completely and profoundly accept myself even though I have all these fears."

If you have been reading my blog, you will notice that I've been writing so much about these stuff. My reason for attending the online seminar was just for my selfish reasons and vanity, but then as I listened to the speakers, there was a lot of wisdom there that is better shared than keep it for myself. I am not competing with anybody, because the other single girls are not doing anything about it.

I remember reading a book by Bro. Bo Sanchez, How to Find Your One True Love, in context, it says there that we should also do something on our part to find the man of our dreams than just praying for it. Prayers will get us nowhere if we do not couple it with work.  And it goes the same for finding love. We can focus all our energy and time praying for the one, yet doing nothing, we might as well end up alone in our golden years.

So I have decided to go on a journey, of finding true happiness, love, and wisdom which I will try to document as much as I can. Pardon me for being egoistic at this point, but i really want to share my journey with the rest of the world so they can find inspiration if they are put in the same situation as I am.

Before going on the journey, I have also decided to change a bit about the way I look, and how I carry myself in general.I used to dress up all the time when I was still working in an office, but since i started working in a home office, I have totally forgotten how it was like to dress up.

I need to change my appearance since I had the same old boring look for quite some time now. After listening and participating in a life-changing, mind-altering webinar by Carol Look this morning, I did something spontaneous I never really did thought a bout it. I chopped off my hair! Good thing it turned out great. I tried going to one of those not so famous salons because of the bad experience I had the last time I went to this 'popular' salon and the attendant did not forget to give me two bloody toes which i had to endure the pain for two weeks because of an ingrown left under my cuticles. Ouch!

And so I just wanted to steer clear of these types of salons wherein you pay quite a price so they give you free pain to endure.

Here are photos of before and after the chop. You decide which has more character and looks desireable. As if ! LoL! ( i can say anthing, this is my blog! ;))

Taken yesterday, before the EFT. I wear the same type of clothes everyday, tees and jeans.

After the EFT , chopped hair and a skirt. I want to dress up more.
( You just have to excuse the quality of these selfies taken from a very "high-tech" camera phone. Idon't have anybody to take my picture. And yes, I do need to lose weight now. :))

After listening to webinars and podcasts of life and love coaches including Marianne Williamson, Sonia Choquette, Matthew Hussey, Matt Boggs and Deepak Chopra among them, I found out that they are all talking about the same thing on how to attract your soulmate. And that is to 'being those qualities that you want to attract.'

It's actually more of like the Law of Attraction: you attract what you think of all the time. So if you want to attract those qualities in someone, you have to be those qualities first before the soulmate appears.

So maybe that's the reason why i keep on attracting the same type of guys.A male version of me. And worse, I think my face value has depreciated because of the type of people i am now possibly attracting. Hopefully there's someone out there from a different league that's attracted to me. Teehee!

You can now start to follow my documented pursuit for true happiness, love and wisdom by visiting my other blog A Day in the Life of Anne. It is a more detailed post on what really happened as to why i decided to make the big change and the life changing and mind altering technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy).  Here is Day 1: Tapping Into My Past Hurts and Beliefs.

The experts said that men are attracted to the femininity of women. So, do I still look feminine now that I have shorter hair? Or will I scare them away as usual?

We'll see.

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