Bless The Little Children: What They Taught Me About Happiness

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Once in our lifetime, we get to the point of feeling uncertain in any aspect of our life, worse, in every aspect of it. I always use my being human as an excuse to feel negative about some things. But, I know I can’t blame it all on human nature because it is our soul or spirit that has to come above our human nature.

Seeing my kids at play really warms my heart and it reminds me how simple, worry and stress-free their lives are. Even when they are in a situation that is spirit-crushing for us adults, they use their playfulness to think of ways to entertain themselves and be happy.

My kids have been hospitalized lately on separate occasions, but what I have observed from them is that their spirits cannot be crushed even with the situation that they are in. The only problem they would have was when their activities started to bore them.  

Arashel in her hospital room trying to entertain herself by dancing and and asked me to take her photo.

Matt in the hospital room in his usual bored self, drawing Angry Birds. His drawings has improved a lot since then.

A child leads a very simple life in general. Only us, the parents, and how we orient them about life can make them change that simplicity into something that we ourselves embraced, like the high standards we set upon ourselves and the expectations we set upon them.

They taught me a lot about happiness.  I spent so much time listening and watching self-help videos and audios and all the time the answer to making me happier was just right in front of my very eyes.

My kids at play at the beach

Here are 3 things I learned from my kids:

1. Simplicity. They lead such simple life, often contented with being able to play, eat and sleep.
2. Low standards. They have me for a parent after all, right? As if they have a choice.
3. They expect nothing. Nothing that I can’t give them, anyway.

So, when life’s starting to get the best of you, which probably will at some point, all you have to do is look at the little children, and learn from them.

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