We Can Learn to Love Again

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I went through a period of "writer's block" mainly because I was uninspired. Lately, I've been having LSS (last song syndrome) and I think it was something to inspire me to write about something. I used to think that the lyrics of this song was for couples who are experiencing a falling out, but then I realized that even singles can relate to this. 

"...we're not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again.."

For someone who's been hurt and had suffered a lot, this part of the song Just Give Me a Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess, somehow seems like a breath of fresh air. I used to think I was broken, now, I know I'm just bent. There's still hope. Thank goodness. For love.

I never really thought about falling in love again. Okay, sorry, I lied. Well, I might have, once..or twice. But not really thought of actually being in that situation too soon. But like the song, and the rest of the world says, we can all learn to love again. I know this for a fact deep in my heart, but I've been denying myself of the reality that someday, I might, just might be able to find love once more.

So today, I proclaim, I am not denying myself from loving and being loved anymore.

Life is full of surprises. Every once in a while, it throws something at you. Something that would totally turn your world upside down. And because you were unprepared for it, you got lost in it.

I don't want to come unprepared for anything that life throws at me. People close to me know that I hate surprises because I have an obsession for trying to give the best of me.Should life throws a man knocking on the door to my heart, I want to open every possibility. I kept my heart locked for quite sometime now, and I think I misplaced the key. Hopefully, someone finds (the Tiffany key) it and unlock it, and unleash all the passion and love inside it. But, I want to be ready for him.


Why did I suddenly started talking about love? It's because if you read my previous post, there's this guy whom I asked for a photo with. He is some sort of a celebrity in the world of tattoo  (bad boy image is not really my type. I'm not his too. so we're even.:)) And he had his arm on my shoulder. It just gave me a different kind of feeling to have a man that close to me. I was surprised I didn't cringe when he put his arm on my shoulder. Maybe because he was a celebrity or because I expected him to? I realized, maybe I am ready for men and dating after all.

So okay, Pink, how are we gonna learn to love again? Where do I start? And can I really choose who my heart should beat for?.Is there a mathematical equation that I can use to foretell who I'd fall in love with? Something like the kind of thing I used to do during my teens. FLAMES.

John Cusack 

You write your name on a piece of paper. Below it, you write your crush's name. And then you cross out all the letters you have both in common. Then you count the remaining letters and match it with the corresponding letter in the word FLAMES. See sample on the right. :)

F= Friendship
L= Love
A= Angry
E= Engage
S= Sweetheart

Life was so uncomplicated back then!

And how can I tell if what I feel for that person is love not lust?

One friend who tried to answer this last question, said, if you look at the person and you felt a tug in your heart, that's love.But if you look at the person and you felt a stirring just below your tummy, that's lust. Makes sense? What if  I felt both? :)

I used to think that I failed in my previous relationships. Yes, I did, but only because they were not the right person for me. I still have to meet my God's gift, the one God has prepared for me,specially for me. I just need to look past through the packaging because most of the time God gives us our gifts not in the kind of packaging we want but in the wrapping He knows best for us.

There's one person I know that I think God has sent me, especially for me. I feel it in my soul, in my bones and in the deepest crevace of my heart. But I still have to learn how to see past the packaging and the labelling because it is absolutely so different from the one I have in mind. Thinking about the possibility of that is so far-fetched. Much like shooting for the moon. But with God nothing is impossible.I just have to trust Him more and know that everything is what He wants best for me.

So many questions. So many answers. Too confusing to really think about it. Deeply. I only know of one thing that I think is true, but may have caused  some tears before. That is to follow my heart.

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