To Ink or Not to Ink

Monday, June 24, 2013

Once in a while, it is quite refreshing to immerse yourself.
In a world different from your own. 
You get a fresh perspective of it.
You grow.
And somehow develop a fondness for it.

As my title suggest, I am blogging about my immersion in the world of tattoo. 
Body art as they call it nowadays. 
 I have come to appreciate the art in it.
But, I have no intention of submitting myself.
Into hours of sitting and seeing your blood mix with ink. 
For slow torture.
For now. Perhaps later.

Appreciating the art of it is really an acquired ability.
Some people see it as a desecration.
Of their bodies. 
Contrary to this conservative thinking.
Tattoo is a form of self-expression and individualism.

Such sacrifice, such pain. All for the love of self-expression.

More photos here : Inktrada 3 Goes Black and Gray by Dave Martinez

My exposure to people with tattoos helped me get some fondness for the art.
 I live with one.
My sister. 
Two huge tattoos on the upper back.
We didn't have any qualms about her having tattoos. 
It's her body. 
She can do whatever she wants to do with it.

That's her first tattoo on her back.

Most of my sister's friends have tattoos .
In some parts of their bodies.
If not all.
Some are visible. 
Some are not. 
Just an ordinary sight for us at home. 
The kids have gotten past their fear of men and women. 
With tattoos. 
I re-affirm the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover". 
Ink splattered body does not make a bad person.

Can't really blame them thinkers. 
 In the past, tattoo was for the incarcerated. 
That's where people got their tattoos.
 Inside  the institution. 
But tattoo has evolved since then. 
What was once a source for discrimination is now legally accepted.
Embraced by many as a form of "body art".

Second year in a row.
Not as an organizer. 
But as a concessionaire. 
These people need food.
 I provide the food. 
Extra income. Extra blessing.

My second year.
I've gone from totally clueless about body art to being able to distinguish and appreciate art.
In an unconventional canvass. 

The skin. 

So many people. 
Different characters.
 Each one unique.
 I saw this woman with tattoos all over her nape. 
She is not Filipino. 
 I don't know her nationality.
 But, I'd take a wild guess.
She's European.
 Her English wasn't that of an American.
I don't know.
I wanted to interview her.
But she was busy tending to her little daughter.

My lone photo of them.
 She's the girlfriend of one of the artists.
That's their baby daughter playing with the puddle.

I had a henna tattoo in 2007. A butterfly. At the small of my back.

It was cool. I felt sexy.

 I was told not to lean against anything. 
For at least a couple of hours.
 But, somehow, I forgot. 
And some of the ink splattered all over my back.
Though some had dried. 
What was supposedly a surprise for my
Turned into a mess. 
The butterfly became a bat. 

I would love to get a henna tattoo once more.
 It's temporary.
 It's painless.
I read about a study in France that men would most likely approach a woman with a tattoo.
More than they would someone without one.
Because a woman with a tattoo studies says
Is more approachable than women without tats.
Talk about cultural differences. 
It doesn't work that way in my country.

That's me. 
With Ricky Sta. Ana.
Premier Tattoo Artist. Product endorser.
 Dutdutan International Tattoo Art Competition organizer.
I asked to take a photo with him.
 He was gracious.
 Certainly felt so much different.
 To have a guy's arm on you.
Been quite some time.

 Back to my title, I'd ink! 
I just know and am certain.
 I'll bever be ready for a permanent.
I'm happy and satisfied with henna. 
 I'm just not having it on my back anymore!

Here's a professional photographer's take on the tattoo festival. 
See Dave Martinez Inktrada 3 photos of the event. 

For more photos on skin art, please visit my other blog. 
This is another photoblog which I have not let the public see. 
Please visit  In My Kaleidoscope World.

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