Planning for a Christening

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hey,hey..I'm planning for thebaptism of my daughter Arashel. I just don't understand why  the church makes it difficult for us parents to have our children baptized with all the requirements that they need. In my humble opinion, since baptism is the first among the seven sacraments and the most important, I was hoping that the church would be more lenient with the requirements. I wanted the baptism to be held at a church in Makati City.But since I am not a parishioner of Makati, I need to get a written consent from our parish priest that  allowing us to have our child baptized outside of our parish.Well, the Reverend Monsignor said he has no problem with it, but can't give me a written consent because he said he is one of the people who pushed for that rule.I thought that if we have the freedom to go to any church to hear mass, then why can't we choose the church where we want to receive the sacrament? I am also taking into consideration the convenience of my guests.

Thank god for these catering services! They save me a lot of time with the food and preparations. A full catering service can cost up to 16,500 pesos for 50 persons (this is a very conservative rate already) but less of the hassle of preparing your own menu. They come with uniformed waiters and attendants.No more of the dishes and silverwares to wash..:)

Now, with the venue, clubhouses are the best but I prefer condominiums with function rooms. They are given at a lower rate especially if you reside in one or have a friend or a relative who lives in one.and It's easier to book for a reservation because unlike clubhouses or hotels or restaurants,they fill up easily.

Well, if only i could convince the priest in Makati to let us have the baptism in their church..

After all the planning...

We finally had her baptized in Don Bosco Church in Makati City and the reception was held at Greenbelt Radissons function room. Compared to a clubhouse or restaurant rental, it came less expensive and more convenient for everybody.

Next time you plan events like this, consider your options. You can get a lot more for less than typically go to restaurants.

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