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Monday, May 27, 2013

Earlier, I was thinking of not going through posting this but again reading about the latest news, and the flood of comments from other people who are so judgemental, I knew I just have to make this post. Plus, I have this strong urge to write and a need to convey my special message to all women out there. I know that I may cause some eyebrows to raise, well, just raise them.

The recent series of unfortunate events in Ms. Ai Ai de las Alas’  life, triggered me to set up arms once again against what we have been fighting for since who knows when. Some say that it is another publicity stunt for the actress, but I don’t believe so, because the trauma of any kind of violence against women is something that you won’t even think of making up to get publicity. But I do respect other’s opinions.

Here's my open letter for her.

Photo grabbed from Facebook

Dear Ms. Ai Ai,

First, I can say that I can truly relate with what you are going through right now. We may have different stories, but I share the same pain with you brought by separation and abuse.  I have moved on, and the process took quite some time before I could say I am finally free from the pain and trauma.

But because of what happened to you, the dream that I have in my heart came alive once more. I dream of a "world without violence" for women. I am one with all victims in condemning what your ex-husband did to you.

I applaud you for coming out and telling your story even though everything you have worked for was put at risk. Not many abused women have the courage nor will have the courage to do so. What happened to you got me thinking even more. I thought, if someone as famous and rich as you are is still susceptible to abuse, how much more the uneducated women and those who live in the rural areas. These poor women will not have the courage to walk out of their situation, more so fight for their rights. Their situation has become what is normal and acceptable for them.

They said that when you seem to be lucky in your professional or financial areas of your life, some areas will suffer, particularly, your love life. But I do not personally believe in this. You just haven’t met the one person God has saved for you. Please don’t stop loving, because if you do, you miss the opportunity of meeting the one who is going to make you truly happy and never hurt you. But you must first take time to heal and this is very important.

We belong to the same spiritual community, the Light of Jesus of Bro. Bo Sanchez, and you are one of the few celebrities who always do their part on sharing, whether life experiences or financial sharing. You are blessed to belong to the best Caring Group (composed of Bro. Adrian Panganiban, Bro. Michaelangelo Lobrin, Fr. Erick Santos to name a few)and I know that through your CG, you will have the best support system. I know I did with my CG. You will bless many people with your sharing and in return be blest by the outpouring of prayers and wishes. Seeing your photo in Bro. Adrian Panganiban’s wall, I know You are on the right path to healing, and bouncing back. You are a woman with a strong personality,I know it won’t take long for you to bounce.

Photo grabbed from Bro. Adrian Panganiban's Facebook account

The world is getting more and more unsafe for women every day. Plenty of women are abused in any way,  from something as simple as office harassment, to rape. And we could only stop this from happening to us once more if we start standing up for our right to live in a peaceful world.
Thank you for stepping out and standing up to fight for our rights. The journey is long, and emotionally draining. Sometimes the people or agencies that should protect women have lapses in their services. That’s why a lot of women are discouraged to even report a simple act of abuse, for fear of the stigma our society brings.

And then there are the bashers and the haters. You are the victim and yet you still end up the one to take all the blame for what happened in your life. True, we should be ready for the consequences our actions bring, but loving someone is just like that. When we love, do we anticipate that we would end up getting hurt instead of being loved by that person? No, but we give unconditional love, just like how we are loved by God.

May your decision in stepping out help more women realize that no matter how successful we are in life, we cannot escape abuse unless we take a stand against it. May more women learn from you how to value themselves more and not surrender to degrading acts such as harassment and domestic abuse.  

May you find true love once more in the Feast, in your family and friends and most of all from our loving Father in Heaven.

Yours truly.

Abuse knows no race, gender, nor religion. Abuse is just one of the manifestations from a  person who received the same abuse at some point in their early childhood years. And any form of abuse must not be tolerated but stopped and heal the abuser.

Love on the other hand is pretty much like abuse, it knows no race, gender nor religion. But it is the only thing that will stop the abuse. Love.  Love God above all things, love yourself next.

By the way, I am in no way related to Ms. De las Alas, nor have I met her in person. And most especially, no one paid me to write this post.  And even though she made some wrong choices in her life, as we all did at some point in ours, she still deserves some respect and for what she is going through.

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