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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What is real beauty? How can you gauge someone’s beauty? Is there a sort of like an instrument that would give you a reading on how beautiful you are, much like how you measure Body Mass Index (BMI). Correct me if I’m wrong, but no such thing has ever been invented yet.

Thus the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, because the only thing or person who can measure or determine how beautiful a person is through that person’s eye or perception.

And then there is what we call “beauty flaw”, which without it some popular celebrities would not be famous. There are Hollywood stars that really refused to fix their flaws and still celebrate beauty.

Ashley Judd, Photo:

Ashley Judd, after being criticized by the media about her puffy face which draw speculations on her use of cosmetic fillers, took to the world wide web and spoke in behalf of women all over the world and wrote that the abnormal obsession about women’s faces and bodies has got to stop.

Tina Fey, Photo :
Funny woman Tina Fey is also vocal in her book about not trying to fix the scar on her face that she got when she became a victim of a knife attack, nor the acne scars on her right cheek because it has spend more time with her than any boy in college.

But because people’s minds are forever curious, this prompted creativity to conjure up an alternative way of measuring beauty, by analyzing the symmetry of your face. How’s that for perfection.  The more symmetrical one facial feature is to another feature, the higher will be your score.

 But it is a known fact that very few people have symmetrical features. So I guess, few people will have a perfect score of 10 for their faces.

This website called Anaface is an online tool that one can use to gauge your beauty. You need to upload a picture of yourself, which I would suggest should be a close-up photo of your face .  And then, your beauty will be calculated based on the distances or symmetry of your facial features.

The site needs you to agree first to their disclaimer and to the Terms and Conditions before it will allow you to upload your photo. To my understanding, it just means that the results should not be taken seriously. I wonder how many disputes they have settled on results. J

I tried out this thing and it’s funny how it gave different results on different photos. 

So, I am back again to my original thought, that you really cannot measure real beauty. As cliché as it may sound, real beauty radiates from within. That’s why, in my humble opinion, we often associate beauty with glow. And I guess when you got a certain glow, it can only come from how you feel inside, and what you put inside.

But, I also believe that it is our privilege and duty to improve ourselves not just for us but for our loved-ones.  And by improving, I also mean enhancing. Beauty can be enhanced by using cosmetics to cover up physical flaws that’s been bothering us. If you are losing your confidence because of that flaw on your face, then by all means, cover it up. I myself wont’ be too happy walking around town with a large zit ready to erupt anytime sitting on my nose.

What about cosmetic surgery or injectables? Again, if the result will make you feel better, then go ahead. You and only you can determine what would make you happier and boost your self-esteem. I myself had an extra help from Botox, on points 3,5,7 on the photos above.

But then, no amount of Botox could change the way my face looked years ago, because of the stress I had back then. I did not see too much of a change really, I still looked old and wrinkly. Not even Dr. Joaquino was able to make me feel beautiful at that time.

Only when I started to change my outlook in life, when I finally started to be happy about myself and made myself healthier did I see a lot of change in the way I looked. My face is still the same face I had since birth, but the only difference between how I looked 2 years ago and now, is the glow that comes from within.

Before    and    After

Indeed, an extra boost of confidence can do a lot for your beauty. Real beauty is not just what is visible to the eye, but what’s visible to the subconscious. Ask any man what makes his wife beautiful and most of their answers would be about her personality or character. Seldom would a man enumerate his wife’s facial features to answer what makes his wife beautiful.

 After all, beauty is not just skin deep.

I was inspired to write something about beauty when I saw a photo of my Feast Builder and renowned author Bro. Arun Gogna having his warts cauterized. The caption said, "Warts removal. Loving myself, so I can love others". He never fail to make me laugh. Funny, but in an honest way. See his photo below. (Sorry Bro. Arun, just had to post this. :))
Photo grabbed from Facebook

Love yourself. All the time. Because God loved you first.

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