Pots and Pans: A Journey to Mastering the Art of Cooking

Friday, April 26, 2013

As I continue my quest to perfecting the art of cooking, I started another blog which initially was supposed to  be private until I find the right time to "launch" it. But, as usual, I got so excited I can't wait to tell the world about it. I call that blog Pots and Pans and will basically be only about my experiences, good or bad in cooking. Coincidentally,  I watched an old Stephen Chow movie called God of Cookery, again shared to me by a friend. Thank God I was able to write the post about cooking earlier or else this movie would have influenced or change my mind about cooking! :)

Anyways, the first blog post in Pots and Pans is to try Apple and Bees Lemon and Pepper Chicken Breast. The next post is about the result of the challenge which I must say was a bit different from the original recipe because I have to improvise. I had some problems gathering the complete set of ingredients. I decided on short notice, so I didn't really got to prepare for everything. But I was determined to push myself to the limits.
After a bit of improvisation and using whatever I could find in my kitchen, I had my own version of it and I called it Pan-Grilled Lemon Chicken in Pepper and Basil.

I just have to ask this: if I jumble the titles of these recipes, will it still be the same dish or will it be a totally different new dish? Clueless me.

I really think that I need to learn more, read more about cooking if I wanna perfect the art. God heard this soft silent prayer I had, which leads to the other reason why I started a cooking or food blog. After months of praying, almost abandoning the possibility of a cooking show, somebody called out of the blue and was more than willing to sponsor the proposed cooking show.Someone is willing to sponsor a cooking show for 8tv and I am lucky to have a part in it. What's even better is that being a part of the show, I will be learning techniques from the chef himself. I can't really discuss all the details at the moment as everything is still under negotiations and I pray to God that this push through.If it does, then it's going to be another dream come true for me.:) Ain't God the greatest?

Thought for today:

Mastering life is a lot like mastering the art of cooking. We need the ingredients that complement each other and we leave the ones that don't. Sometimes we make mistakes, missed an ingredient, or put on too much of everything. What's important is that you never stop trying until you finally get that one ingredient that will give your recipe that certain "oomph". Creating balance is the key to mastering the art of living.

God is great. He knows the deepest desires of our hearts. He can hear even the softest prayer. He gives everything we could ever wish in this world, if we just trust in Him and surrender to His will.

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