Dream Website Is Finally Up

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Finally! After years of conceptualizing and going through a lot of procrastination, my dream website is finally up! And I am so happy how it is turning out to be. Right now, I think I am the only one reading through it, with the exception of some closest friends, who are turning out to be my avid readers. It's a start. I mean , you have to start counting from zero, right?

The best is, I was able to contact one of my acquaintances on Facebook. We have been attending the same praise and worship center, so at the very least, we share some similar views. She is a relationship coach and I personally wrote to her ( I have not personally met her, but we've had quite a few exchange of happy emoticons (smileys)  of our short interaction in my personal account in Facebook.) And what else can I say, I am a fan!

If there is something that I wish I could write to share to my readers, that would be about relationships. Sad but true, this is one topic I think I cannot write effectively since I have not been able to write the perfect love story for myself. I've been in two failed relationships, and I can say that at some point, I had my own shortcomings. Most of the problems came from both of them. (Haha!) I wish I could say that all the time, but yes, I confess, I too had contributed a lot to the crumbling of the relationships.

And this is where she comes in. Aileen Santos is one of the most recognizable, if not, one of the most prestigious relationship coach there is in the country.  I have asked her permission to add a link to her blog, which an RSS feed of her blog can be seen on the lower right-hand corner of my website. She is one of the most sought-after resource speakers or writers for radio and television programs as well as Cosmopolitan Philippines.

With this, I am hoping I would be able to give my readers some articles and insights on how to maintain great relationships with their spouses. This is not just written for women but to men as well.

Also, the site contain links to my favorite blogsites which I will feature posts once in a while. One of my favorite blogs is Memoirs of a Domesticated MD owned by blogger ChinChin Villero. We used to go to the same school, she's my brother's classmate and we starred in the same play in high school. She is a doctor by profession but she blogs about her favorite topic, her family. And I like it because not only it gives a glimpse of her life that's so different from the rush needed in her profession, but also it shows how we can find happiness in the very small things. Simple pleasures, really.

The other blogger that I like and feature in the site is from a woman who is an epitome of the word "ageing gracefully". She serves as the head for the Saturday Feast Alabang, the spiritual community where we both belong.I admire her for her deep love for God which is what her blog is all about and the practical ways of applying what the Bible says. She is also a writer for a magazine and a very creative "craftiste". She uses these talents as the Creative Head for the Saturday Feast. She is Mirella Santiago or Tita Lella or Sis Lella to some of us. Her blog My B.A.G of Miracles is one inspiring blog you sure would not want to miss a single post.

If again, there is another topic which I wish I could write, that would be Fashion. I like fashion, but not extremely a fashionista. I want my wardrobe simple, but sexy at the same time. But to write fashion, that I cannot do. How I wish I could find a blogger who would allow me to add a link to my site.

The website is now up and running with some occasional minor tweaks to make it more appealing to the readers. My website by the way is called All About Eve Network, which is created with the purpose of helping people most especially women enrich their lives through empowerment.

Thank you for reading through my blog. ♥


  1. Hi! I love your blog! More so because it tackles about women empowerment. This blog will be a source of inspiration for thousands of readers across the country and over the world. Keep inspiring. Shared your blog "Things That Make Me Smile" on my wall. It inspired me to blog something similar. Sort of like a blog diary that I can update from time to time when something worth smiling about happens.


    1. Hi Apple,

      Thank you! It's great to know that people do take time to read and get inspired by what we share, especially when you get comments such as this, it is very hearwarming. I am likewise inspired by reading through your blog because as I mentioned in my post, fashion is something that I cannot write. If you won't mind, may I add your blog's link to my website so that my readers would be happy to see something refreshing such as your blog? Confession, I've actually been reading your blog post since last year and I just love it! :)

    2. Hi Mary Anne,

      Ohhh..of course I wont mind.I'd be ecstatic if you'd do that for me :) I'd love to do the same on your link and post it on my blog site too, if you are okay with that :) I have a mix of daily reads from photographers, to make-up artists to cooking and of course a lot from fashion bloggers as well. So its basically mix of everything that interests me.

      Awwww... Im so kilig! Thank you for reading my blogs and loving it. It sure gives out a different high no? Most especially if the comment comes from a blogger too.

      Thanks in advance Mary Anne. Hope to hear from you soon!

    3. Hi Apple,

      Yay! Thank you!I'd be so honored to add a link to your site. Thank you also that you want to do the same for my blog! This sure is a motivation for me to blog more quality posts! Really, this is a different kind of high. Makes me feel giddy! :)This is something we will never get tired of!

      Thank you and here's to more years of blogging!

    4. Hi Mary Anne,

      Yey! Lol! simple pleasures no? Having someone who you come across in the blogsphere, share a link of your site. Only bloggers like us will truly understand the happiness it brings to us.

      Ill be sharing your blog under "My Friends Blogs" ha? Hehehe. I know we are not friends yet but knowing that we both blog, inspire and speak the same dialect has a certain affinity to it, right? Im sure when the opportunity to meet arises, we'd be friends :)

      Thank you again and I do hope Id get to meet you soon with Chin-Chin :)

    5. Yes! Thank you. I will be adding your blog to my list of favorites in my blog too. Actually, it has been added. We will be friends :).

      By the way, I tried sending you a message on Facebook,but then, this is better. I'm a subscriber on your Facebook account.:)
      Thank you and i also would like to meet you one day. :)


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