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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[Post edited today, April 16,2017, 4 years later than the original post. ]

Date a girl who blogs and you'll see life in a different perspective, a little bit crazy, but perfectly sane.

A girl who blogs has the passion for everything, as everything is worth blogging. The rocks, the leaves, the water, and even the air we breath will find its place in her blog. Not because they run out of ideas to write, but they just believe that every single thing has its own story worth sharing.

Date a girl who blogs and you'll find that food is better preserved in photos than devoured. You're lucky if she lets you touch food without capturing that perfect moment with a click of her camera before it becomes a masticated mess in your mouth.

Oh, and see that dark circles under her eyes? Because bloggers lead double lives, as a perfectly sane normal person slave to work during the day, and as a diva or goddess, the queen in her own blogosphere at night. When the rest of the world is asleep, they are still wide awake typing on their keyboards, clicking their mouses with such passion as they try to weave the perfect words to a story describing the things that are in her mind.

They are a new breed of nocturnal animals who dominate the world wide web while you are drooling in your sleep.

And if she can't find the perfect word, and have been staring at her monitor for quite some time now, she might just send you a text message or call you at 2 am to ask for a better word for ..."perfect".

Date a girl who blogs and you'll find out that staring at you doesn't mean she likes looking at you all the time, but her mind is busy thinking of what better ways to describe that chocolate mousse you're sharing.

But don't be fooled, even though she occasionally seemed space out, she can very well take an accurate account of what you've talked about and you might just be surprised to find one of your conversations on her blog.


Date a girl who blogs and you have already looked into the deepest desires of her heart. And if you know how to discern and read between the lines, you just might be surprised that she had subtle ways of unveiling herself, piece by piece, on her blog, just for you.

Oh, don't be a fool to miss it!

Bring her flowers, but don't just give it to her. It has to have a story. How you almost got stung by a bee while you picked them in your neighbor's garden. Not that she likes stingy men who can't afford to buy a bouquet of flowers, but she would love the stories behind every gift that you would give her.

It's not the worth that counts, but the story behind it. Well, except for these two, De Beers and Tiffany. :)

Send her love notes. You just have to unleash your inner poet as well. She would love a mat of freshly-woven words on a love letter or a love note, in case you run out of adjectives to describe how you feel about her.It doesn't matter if you send it via her favorite mode of communicating, the internet, or you could go the traditional way of sending it to her, through snail mail or hand carried.

Either way, she'll love it.

Don't be afraid to criticize her work. Bloggers have their fair share of negative comments from people all over the world who doesn't share the same views as her. I assure you, she can take the worst comment or critic with grace and will thank you instead for bringing the matter out into the light.

It's okay to disagree with her sometimes as she can also be unreasonable for the sake of argument. A girl who blogs wants an exchange of ideas and would always be fascinated by an intelligent conversation.

Date a girl who blogs. There will never be a dull moment with her and will never run out of things to talk about. She has an insatiable hunger for knowledge. She digests every single word that she reads,  heard or see and make it a point to share her point of view. Do not be surprised she may want to study photography, ballet or art out of the blue.She has seen the worst and the best of both worlds. So, what else do you think can make her think less of you? She is very appreciative of everything that's happening around her.

Date a girl who blogs and she will love you passionately, just like the passion she has for writing, for taking pictures and capturing those perfect moments and crafting them into something beautiful so that others can share the experience. She may not be willing to be tied to a bed post, but she may be adventurous enough to climb heights with you, for the sake of experiencing those moments.

Every day is an adventure.You will be asked to tag along with her on adventures and if you're lucky enough, you may be asked to take some photographs of her which she can post on her blog.

And if you learn to ride her quirkiness, you'll realize that she's the breath of fresh air that you've always wanted. There would be times that she would be staring blankly at you because of a writer's block, do not hesitate to snap her back to her senses.

Date a girl who blogs because you so deserve it. You deserve to be loved with a passion and hunger that you've seen through her. Remember the passion she has for her blog, the countless times you've seen her tear a page off a notebook or a tissue and scribble some words lest she forgets.

And if you've come to love everything about the girl who blogs and wants more than to date the girl who blogs, then, by all means, marry her! You can propose at the top of a hill, underwater, in a restaurant over dinner, anywhere.

Then you will see that you had the best of both worlds.

Keep the faith,


Inspired by an article I recently read called Dating a Girl Who Reads and Date a Girl Who Writes by Rosemarie Orquico and Aura respectively, I have my own version and I call it Date a Girl Who Blogs.

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