An Apple a Day Makes Eve Smile Everyday

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First, pardon me for my cheesy title! I'm just so overwhelmed. Please let me be. :)

I'm just so excited! Again, another answered prayer! I now have an official link to a fashion blogsite. I call it official because I was granted permission to link to it, just like my other links. This is great! I can now share things related to fashion through Apple Alagon's blog Apple and Bees. I am sure you will all enjoy and love reading about fashion through her blog. I'd say that she is one classy fashion blogger and I know you will be checking her site for updates.

And it just keeps getting better, I visited her blog and lo and behold! She had already blogged about her experience reading through my post.It is very heartwarming to know that what you say or post in your blog can inspire others and can be a source of motivation. Although it was really my main purpose, to inspire and empower, just as I was empowered by one extraordinary woman (I'll blog about her one of these days, I'm just waiting for her permission), I never really thought that it would touch hearts. My main "personal reason" was just to write about my experiences in life, as a part of my therapy,  it will always be with the purpose of telling my story, so people may learn from it and not do the same mistakes.

So, here is a screen shot of her post about what she thinks of Things That Make Me Smile,my blog post, and she calls her version What Makes Me Smile.

Thought for the day:

Sometimes we get so involved in the busyness of our lives, that we tend to forget the simplest pleasures. If you haven't noticed it yet, the simplest things in life are the things that bring out the greatest or the biggest smiles from us.

I remember someone once told me that the simplest persons are usually the happiest people, or something to that effect.(Hey, if you were the one who told me that, pardon me for my memory gap, haha!)
Makes sense, right?

There are so many things , so many reasons to smile about and be thankful for. I hope that reading through our blogs, you will also find your reasons to smile about. Open your heart and soul to blessings.Blessings are all around us. There was never a shortage of it, ever. You just have to learn how to discern and count your blessings.


  1. Hi Mary Anne, thanks for sharing my link on your blog and posting about it :)Its an honor to be sharing the same wall with you. Naks!Hope to meet you one day soon.

    Keep inspiring people from posting about your life experiences and the lessons it left you. Im sure it will empower people to take the future and its challenges in a different perspective.


    1. Hi Apple,
      You're welcome. Thank you also for the link. I feel the same way as you do about inspiring and empowering people. It's nice to share with somebody else the pleasures we get from blogging. I have encouraged other friends to blog too, and some did and they are also happy with the freedom blogging was able to give them. Isn't it great that you're just trying to write what you're most passionate about, and then you get people to respond to it positively and inspire and empower them in the process.

      Yes, hope we can meet one day! Our place is such a small town anyway. :)


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