The Birthday That Was

Friday, February 1, 2013

A week ago was my birthday.

This month,  I turn a year older and hopefully, wiser.

The past year was a year full of challenges and life-changing, a real turning point for me.

And that experience led me to reinventing myself again.

I woke up that morning with a headache. I forgot that it was my birthday and I just got reminded of it when my daughter greeted me with a Happy Birthday song.

I wasn't really planning on doing something special since waking up with my kids beside me was already special in itself. I couldn't feel more blessed. Last year, my birthday was a day of tears. I remember eating at a fastfood alone and I couldn't help my tears from falling. I was even oblivious to the people around looking at me. I did not want to eat, but I have to have the strength to carry on through the day, so I can process my court papers so i can finally have my kids again.

Compared to that, this birthday was better. I was surrounded with people who loves me. And for me, having about 40+ greetings in my Facebook wall from friends was enough to convince myself that I matter to others. I don't care if they did that just because my birthday was in their notification.:)

I surrendered my day to God and asked for His special blessing. My intercessory ministry family also offered prayers for me. There was one prayer that I find amusing though I wasn't even praying for that ..yet.My friend sent me a prayer wish that goes something like this.." May God give you your life partner whom God has prepared specially for you". I texted her saying I'm not even thinking about that yet. I feel as though I am not ready for it yet or I just haven't found the right person to be with for the rest of my life.

My day was full of surprises. Who would have known I'll be able to celebrate it with pizza and chicken and ice cream which made it super special to the kids? I woke up without a budget for a special meal, let alone a party.But true to His promise. God did not let me down. He surprised me in so many ways I didn't know he would. I was able to watch Les Miserables, a movie which I have been waiting for since Christmas. My sister bought me tickets and the three of us watched it together. Oh yeah, I did spend on something...popcorn.

I'm not thinking about this too much, only because I have "prayer warrior" friends who do not stop praying for me to find my better half. But I know that there is already someone special that God has planned for me. I just know that deep inside my heart. So, as early as Christmas, I made a prayer wish. I asked God for a sign, somewhat impossible to happen, which I intended, so I would really know that God was listening to me, and that it should happen on my birthday.Just as I was about to give up on the thought of receiving a wish granted, who would've known God will give me a slight taste of happiness. Yes, he granted me my wish, not on the moment that I wanted it, but just right in time, never too early and never too late. Just right on time that it brought tears to my eyes and I nearly fainted! Just right on time that I would know that it was Him who was really doing wonderful things in my life. And on that very moment, I felt more in love with my God.I had the sign that I wanted, now all I have to do is wait.

I know that God gives us what we need, in His time. Sometimes we get impatient, but it would not be wise to go after something that isn't right on time with His will.So however impatient I can become, I would always remember that I do not own time, and everything will fall into place when we surrender ourselves to God.

Who would've known that this birthday would be a manifestation of His great love for me. God has already sent out that man to look for me, to be my partner, the love of my life (next to Him). Now all I have to do is wait...

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