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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Recently, I found myself caught up in the world of photo editing. Taking pictures and enhancing it has never been so exciting for me. Now I know why Instagram and it's filters have gained popularity. It is quite addicting. And it gives such a high kind of feeling.

Since I am not a professional photographer or a photo editor, I try to make use of what I can find over the internet. There are a few good ones like Rollip.com, PicMonkey.com, Pixlr-o-matic , Pixlr editor and Instant Retro. PicMonkey is my favorite though, because it gives me a lot more options. I have learned a technique to use all these resources to get a good enhanced photo. I tried editing photos in PicMonkey, filter it with Rollip.com or Instant Retro, and finally use PicMonkey to enhance the lay-out. PicMonkey has different lay-outs with different styles. I like the Facebook cover, since the size is already the correct size for the Facebook cover photo. I find it more handy to use this as I already have the idea on how the photo would look like in the page.

I also like the Pinter-esty layout which is tailor made for Pinterest.

Let me share some of my photo experiments.

These photos are what I did to the work I was on, and my boss just loved it!

The two other pictures are what I made for my personal use only. :)

What can be more satisfying than seeing pictures that reflects how you feel inside? None i think.

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