Wednesday, October 10, 2012

outside... the rain pours down from the endless sky
like the teardrops that now falls from mine misty eyes
alone again i sit,as i listen to the song that echoes through the night
calling for somebody to come kiss and hold me tight.

gently... the midnight breeze blows as it silently creeps through my window pane
like a thief in the night, it tries to steal away my pain
and with cold fingers,the wind caresses and dampens my face
as it tries to wipe away my sorrow with silk and lace

and yet.. the rain still pours , unleashing all it's emotions
memories of you , in my heart, still burns with passion
will the rain ever stop to fall and let the full moon in?
will my heart ever heal and let a new life begin?

hush... the nightingale is calling
the sweet sound of your name, like a melody it is singing
slowly, the moon comes out from behind the clouds
and smile upon the earth and kissed it's holy ground

listen... the lark is humming
the sun is rising, to herald the morning
it's golden rays embraces the world with warmth
with courage..it promises to keep me safe from harm

slowly, i stand up with my head held high and remain
forward, i walked down the lane leaving behind my pain
my eyes are dry.. no more will i ever cry
with wings of hope ..i spread my wings
finally, i am ready now to fly...

by: mariadelmar
originally posted at thestarlitecafe.com

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