Perfect Love: A gift of Nature

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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When the moon is full and shine so bright
And stars twinkle endlessly at night
A soft wind blows gently through the trees
While the rivers never cease to flow with grace...
Hear the names whispered softly by the evening breeze
The magical music of a nightingale's songs of love and peace,
By fate ,two souls are meant to find each other
With velvet ropes of passion,they bind their hearts together.
As destined by the gods, their souls unite
Tender emotions expressed in the still of the night
Sacred white roses burnt in the warm flames of love
Two different heartbeats were blest as one from above
A gift of nature... a sacred and pure
A will so strong..the hardest of pain it can endure
When one love is lost, it never fails to find the other
And together, their hearts will stay in love forever...

By maria del mar

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