Have You Ever

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

have you ever watched the sun rise at the break of dawn
and felt it's ray kiss your cheeks and made you glow
have your lips ever tasted the dew on the leaves on an early morn
like droplets of crystals in the sun's light it shone

have you ever listened to the rain falling down from the sky
that made you dance to the rhythm of the thunder rolling by
have you ever seen a pot of gold at every rainbow's end
each time the sun comes out after every rain
Photo source: xygames.com

have you ever ran so fast to catch a butterfly with your bare hands
leaving behind footprints as your feet touches the warm sand
have you ever felt so free you could fly so high
with nothing to worry like the birds up in the sky

me right after giving birth 
have you ever seen the look of love in a mother's eyes
as she cradles a newborn baby in her arms
have you ever heard the breeze whisper in your ears
words of encouragement to guard you from your fears

have you ever watched the sunset beyond the horizon
that filled your heart with mixed emotions
have you ever seen the moon peeked out from behind the clouds
it's silver moon beams casting shadows upon the ground

have you ever been in love with feelings so strong to hide
that filled your heart with happiness, made you want to laugh and cry
to wake up in the morning and find someone lying beside you
the magic of the moment you'd never want to let go

have you ever been hurt so bad your heart cried out in pain
that even when the wound has healed and yet the scars remain
have you ever tasted the tears that swelled in your eyes
that seemed to fall with your goodbyes

have you ever stopped and took the time to sit and ponder
give thanks to the One who created these wonders
the perfect gift for us...a masterpiece of His love divine
the beauty that never fades of what we call LIFE!

© 2005 mariadelmar (All rights reserved)

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