A Mountaineer's Song

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Photo source; http://www.squidoo.com

to walk the ground that almost kiss the sky
and feel the lush green grass playing beneath my feet
i dug my toes deep into the soft earth
the faint smell of rain fills my nostrils,i breathe...
morning dew falls like droplets of crystals on the leaves;
the sun's rays prick my skin, i sweat under it's heat
rock by rock, slowly i climb up to the top
trudging along the trail that leads up to the sky

i am a
bold, young and free
 mountain is a challenge to me
each step i take, a step to victory
a lesson learned with every stumble and fall!

i see the sun starts to hide beyond the horizon
the moon peeking out from behind the clouds
rippling waters, a melody..a song..a lullabye
the moon stand guard and watches over me
the earth is my bed..i lay myself to sleep

i am a
 mountaineer, brave daughter of the earth
my heart beats wild against my chest,
pulse racing fast
spirits soaring with pride and joy
 mountain too high to conquer at all!

Me with the Kalayaan Mountaineering Group in Mt. Banahaw

© 2002 mariadelmar (All rights reserved)

The original post has a masculine voice, so I changed some of the words to add a feminine touch.

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