This is a prayer that my brother composed while he was praying for his vocation. I believe that the Holy Spirit embraced him with an overflowing love that could only come from God, to comfort him in his times of loneliness and frustration.

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You are the flame, I am the candle

My soul is the wick that holds the flame
Flicker a spark and light up my soul

I am but an instrument of your love

Indeed, in the darkness, O God
,You kindled a fire in my soulin an instant, 

a spark, 

a glimpseof which I can not still comprehend
incomparable, on this dark wide night tempests amount to suppress your light
keep your light burning, your fire , the love you've placed within my heart
Cover me, o God from the rain 
that the flame continually burn

Shield me O God from the wind that threatens to fan out the flame
Support me O God from the earth firm through the tremors and sways
Protect me O God from fiery firelest i be devoured and consumed
For your flame is not the fire that devours
your's is the light that softly glows

Unequaled in greatness yet never pressing

A wonder, how swiftly and gently it flows
Breath into me, O God,that the fire ignited engulf me in time 
keep the flame burning 

Enflame me with your enduring love
Breath into me, O God that the fire in me illumine others
let it show the way 

the way that travails through the void
Breath into me, O God
rekindle others', the weak's, the mindless'
the half burnt wicks of those that stand by
Breath onto me, O God
Especially when the flame flickers
Strengthen me in desolation
Embrace me with your inspirations
O burn me with the fire of your love
into your light melt my human form
smoldering suffering I must face, 
let me do so with delight
I await the day my humanity melts to the ground
Extinguish not the flame, this but I pray
'til the last wisp of smoke, 

the breath of my soul purifed, 

ascends to join you at last.
that your flame now ablaze


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i dream of him when i dream of love
a gift so pure blessed from above
the perfect love my heart does want
that only heaven to me can grant
to see beauty in the eyes of my beloved
to hear laughter with every beat of my heart
to feel love by the touch of his hand
a glimpse of heaven with his kisses so warm
the dream, the wish, i always pray
happiness to finally come my way...

outside... the rain pours down from the endless sky
like the teardrops that now falls from mine misty eyes
alone again i sit,as i listen to the song that echoes through the night
calling for somebody to come kiss and hold me tight.

gently... the midnight breeze blows as it silently creeps through my window pane
like a thief in the night, it tries to steal away my pain
and with cold fingers,the wind caresses and dampens my face
as it tries to wipe away my sorrow with silk and lace

and yet.. the rain still pours , unleashing all it's emotions
memories of you , in my heart, still burns with passion
will the rain ever stop to fall and let the full moon in?
will my heart ever heal and let a new life begin?

hush... the nightingale is calling
the sweet sound of your name, like a melody it is singing
slowly, the moon comes out from behind the clouds
and smile upon the earth and kissed it's holy ground

listen... the lark is humming
the sun is rising, to herald the morning
it's golden rays embraces the world with warmth
with promises to keep me safe from harm

slowly, i stand up with my head held high and remain
forward, i walked down the lane leaving behind my pain
my eyes are dry.. no more will i ever cry
with wings of hope ..i spread my wings
finally, i am ready now to fly...

by: mariadelmar
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have you ever watched the sun rise at the break of dawn
and felt it's ray kiss your cheeks and made you glow
have your lips ever tasted the dew on the leaves on an early morn
like droplets of crystals in the sun's light it shone

have you ever listened to the rain falling down from the sky
that made you dance to the rhythm of the thunder rolling by
have you ever seen a pot of gold at every rainbow's end
each time the sun comes out after every rain
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have you ever ran so fast to catch a butterfly with your bare hands
leaving behind footprints as your feet touches the warm sand
have you ever felt so free you could fly so high
with nothing to worry like the birds up in the sky

me right after giving birth 
have you ever seen the look of love in a mother's eyes
as she cradles a newborn baby in her arms
have you ever heard the breeze whisper in your ears
words of encouragement to guard you from your fears

have you ever watched the sunset beyond the horizon
that filled your heart with mixed emotions
have you ever seen the moon peeked out from behind the clouds
it's silver moon beams casting shadows upon the ground

have you ever been in love with feelings so strong to hide
that filled your heart with happiness, made you want to laugh and cry
to wake up in the morning and find someone lying beside you
the magic of the moment you'd never want to let go

have you ever been hurt so bad your heart cried out in pain
that even when the wound has healed and yet the scars remain
have you ever tasted the tears that swelled in your eyes
that seemed to fall with your goodbyes

have you ever stopped and took the time to sit and ponder
give thanks to the One who created these wonders
the perfect gift for us...a masterpiece of His love divine
the beauty that never fades of what we call LIFE!

© 2005 mariadelmar (All rights reserved)

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to walk the ground that almost kiss the sky
and feel the lush green grass playing beneath my feet
i dug my toes deep into the soft earth
the faint smell of rain fills my nostrils,i breathe...
morning dew falls like droplets of crystals on the leaves;
the sun's rays prick my skin, i sweat under it's heat
rock by rock, slowly i climb up to the top
trudging along the trail that leads up to the sky

i am a
bold, young and free
 mountain is a challenge to me
each step i take, a step to victory
a lesson learned with every stumble and fall!

i see the sun starts to hide beyond the horizon
the moon peeking out from behind the clouds
rippling waters, a melody..a song..a lullabye
the moon stand guard and watches over me
the earth is my bed..i lay myself to sleep

i am a
 mountaineer, brave daughter of the earth
my heart beats wild against my chest,
pulse racing fast
spirits soaring with pride and joy
 mountain too high to conquer at all!

Me with the Kalayaan Mountaineering Group in Mt. Banahaw

© 2002 mariadelmar (All rights reserved)

The original post has a masculine voice, so I changed some of the words to add a feminine touch.

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When the moon is full and shine so bright
And stars twinkle endlessly at night
A soft wind blows gently through the trees
While the rivers never cease to flow with grace...
Hear the names whispered softly by the evening breeze
The magical music of a nightingale's songs of love and peace,
By fate ,two souls are meant to find each other
With velvet ropes of passion,they bind their hearts together.
As destined by the gods, their souls unite
Tender emotions expressed in the still of the night
Sacred white roses burnt in the warm flames of love
Two different heartbeats were blest as one from above
A gift of nature... a sacred and pure
A will so strong..the hardest of pain it can endure
When one love is lost, it never fails to find the other
And together, their hearts will stay in love forever...

By maria del mar

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Recently, I read an article about Canadian author Neil Pasricha’s blog  which drew rave reviews from readers and critics. In his blog, , he wrote about things that he considered awesome. I want to do something like that, it just make us realize that our life is not all about stress, tension and fight for survival, but also something that is just plain awesome. I may not be able to start a craze and it’s not my goal to get a thousand hit, but at least it gives me something positive to do, something to steer my mind away from thinking negative thoughts.
my daughter trying her best to smile

I want to capture or re-capture moments that made me happy. And I made a list. And starting today, I will update this particular post to add whatever it is that made me smile for that day.

1.       Hearing your 2 year-old kids’ witty remarks. 
2.       Unintentionally seeing the sun setting while in a car.
3.       An unexpected “I love you”  from your children.
4.       The wonderful smell of coffee, plain brewed or gourmet.
5.       Two-year old kids talking and making stories about imaginary schoolmates which in reality are your older kids’  schoolmates.
6.       Waffles !
7.       Licking your fingers after eating a chocolate.
8.       Buying something that took you months saving money for it.
9.       Last day of school!
10.   Bubble gum – flavored ice cream
11.   Opening your presents and getting what you’ve always wanted to have.
12.   Reminiscing memories of your high school and college days.
13.   Remembering that one person in your life who first made your heart flutter.
14.   When your atm balance showed you have more money than what you expected.
15.   Smelling a perfume on somebody that reminded you of someone special.
16.   When you realized that you unintentionally helped out someone .
17.   Waking up in the morning realizing that it’s a holiday or a non-working day.
18.   Passing by your favorite shop and seeing that the items that you are saving for is still there in it’s place waiting for you to buy it.
19.   Sucking on a lollipop and finally getting into the middle where you first taste the chocolate.Yummy!
20.   Licking off the ice cream on the sides of a cone yet it drips faster than you can lick it off.
21.   Looking at old pictures of yourself , your family and friends and thinking how in the world did that hairstyle be the fad those days.
22.   Skimming through the pages of your highschool yearbook.
23.   First day of a long-planned vacation.
24.   Anticipating going home because you know your spouse is preparing something special for you.
25.   Being in a long queue in the supermarket and then  the next cashier opened and called out to you.
26.   Freebies from your favorite fast food chain.
27.   Beating your best buddy’s high score in a computer game.
28.   Buying an economy class ticket and then an upgrade to business class upon checking in.
29.   An upgrade to a suite room.
30.   Earning extra miles in your frequent flyer mileage card.
31.   Getting free movie tickets for a movie that you’ve been anticipating to watch.
32.   Your taxi driver gets you on time by going on the best shortcut without you telling him .
33.   Your taxi driver gives you your change when you least expected it.
34. Friday nights!
35. A smile from my crush! (yes, I still do have crushes, I am after all still alive!)

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